ebay: LUSTFAUST (noise hoax)

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ebay: LUSTFAUST (noise hoax)

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The auction is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/LUSTFAUST-A-FOL ... Swo4pYCOd-

LUSTFAUST was a made up experimental noise-rock outfit, the invention of a British conceptual artist named Jamie Shovlin, for his artshow LUSTFAUST: A FOLK ANTHOLOGY 1976-1981 at Freight & Volume in NYC in 2006. The auction is for the out-of-print catalog which tells the band's history, discography and show flyers PLUS the limited edition LUSTFAUST pin. Both items have been stored in a SMOKE FREE environment.

About the "band":
Lustfaust was an experimental noise band active in West Berlin during the late seventies and early 1980s composed of a group of session musicians. Featuring a Japanese jazz drummer, Matsushita ‘Bobby’ Kazuki, a Belgian guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, Guido van Baelen, a German bassist, Hans Berger, and the California- born, German/American Peter Kruger, the band was a curiously international mixture, initially formed through a mutual distaste for the inoffensive music that it was for the most part their job to produce. Their combination of an aggressive on-stage presence, instrumentation through found objects such as cement mixers and pneumatic drills, and the use of an anti-capitalist community-based model of distribution (if you sent the band a blank cassette, they would return it with their latest release) spawned the Dadaist Geniale Dilettanten movement of the early 1980s and pioneered the burgeoning cassette culture of the late seventies.

Proceeds of this auction go towards funding future releases on Chrome Peeler Records.

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Re: ebay: LUSTFAUST (noise hoax)

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