ebay: Crap Hound #6 Death Telephones & Scissors 2006

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ebay: Crap Hound #6 Death Telephones & Scissors 2006

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The auction is here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Crap-Hound-6-D ... SwIVhaHupZ

This is out of print 2006 reprint of the 1997 edition of Craphound #6. This edition is longer than the original by 8 pages (2 pages of eyes, 2 pages of hearts, and 4 pages of hands.) Pages are brimming with high quality, black and white images on the theme of death (lots of skulls and skeletons), telephones and scissors. It's published by Show and Tell Press in Oregon and published in Canada. It measures 8.5 x 11 inches and has 104 pages of images.

Book has been stored in a SMOKE FREE enironment.

Proceeds of this auction go towards funding future releases on Chrome Peeler Records

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Re: ebay: Crap Hound #6 Death Telephones & Scissors 2006

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The edition of 1997 is very good but the updated edition of Crap Hound #6 is very bad and useless. If any thing update there has new added new things but there are totally different because in 2006 edition there are no any new things. I update my ivoryresearch because we added new things in it. If you have no new things to add then it is useless to update it.

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