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The auction is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TEAM-ROBESPIERR ... SwBLdZr8-7

Stream/download: https://chromepeelerrecords.bandcamp.co ... r-split-10

This auction is for a SEALED copy of TEAM ROBESPIERRE / BREVATOR split 10". Has been stored in a SMOKE FREE environment.

Chrome Peeler has had a knack for bringing together seemingly disparate bands for some pretty cool releases, like with their You've Got Your Orders series of CD compilations that featured a diverse assortment of underground bands and artists writing original songs based on abstract song titles that the label invented and gave to each participant. This new 10" record is more of a New York scene report, featuring a side each from Brooklyn's Team Robespierre and Albany's Brevator, both bands offering their own weird versions of heaviness. Team Robespierre come out with nine songs of high energy electro-thrash, with two keyboardists, spastic drum sequencing, harsh shrieking vocals, the drumming going all over the place from herky-jerky no wave rhythms to blazing blastbeats...like the electro punk of the Screamers being played by a rabid digital grindcore band, brutal, manic, but infectiously catchy.

But where Team Robespierre are all about speed and mayhem and frantic keyboard chaos, when you flip the record over to Brevator's side, suddenly all of the oxygen is sucked out of the room and a heavy wave of slow feedback crashes over you as the Albany doom cult appears in a thick cloud of psychedelic sludgecore. They serve up a single untitled track that begins in a haze of heavy droning feedback and free saxophone blowing, cymbals starting to crash in as the drums creep into view, a crushing funeral doom riff eventually crashing down from above as the singer starts to sing in a deep, chanting voice,all while the buzz and crackle of malfunctioning instrument cables and short circuiting amplifiers fill the room. Where in the hell did these guys come from? This track is an amazing slab of psychedelic avant-doom, with a ritualistic graveyard atmosphere that reminds me of an even more fucked up Bloody Panda jamming with the Butthole Surfers.

Proceeds of this auction go towards funding future releases on Chrome Peeler Records.

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Hello, if you won't mind can you please check your eBay link. It is not working anymore. I am looking for tips regarding brevator split 10 because it will help me in making the topresume.com website. I want to install it on my website but I can't find it anywhere. And then I found about it in your post but it makes me sad when I went to your link which you have shared in the post and it is not working. Please share the working link.

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