Monorail 3/21: Pedestrian Deposit 'Debilitant • Erase • Stitching 3xCS reissue.

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Monorail 3/21: Pedestrian Deposit 'Debilitant • Erase • Stitching 3xCS reissue.

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[mt135cs] Pedestrian Deposit - Debilitant • Erase • Stitching 3xCS/DL
The early, solo-project era of PD had two concurrent but intentionally separate behaviors; the all encompassing genre-hybrid for which is most commonly known, and another infrequent mode as a traditional, old-school harsh noise project dealing in micro-edition releases of less accessible material. This is perhaps the most definitive release of that personality, originally released in 2003 in a limited edition of 30 copies. Consisting of five sides of blisteringly pure electronics recorded live in the studio and direct to tape with no editing -- with the final side reserved for a long sound-collage piece -- this cassette trilogy effectively links the two modes but also re-contextualizes the familiar elements of the project and presents them in isolated form, making for some of the most obscure and uncompromising PD material. Packaged in a triple cassette case with new artwork, with all tracks remastered in 2020.

order at or ... -stitching

US Distribution via Thousands of Dead Gods, Torn Light/Fantastique, Flag Day Recordings
Canadian Distribution via Scream & Writhe
European Distribution via White Centipede, Total Black, Tordon Ljud, Outsider Art
More distributors TBA

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