BirthControl08 - Universe 25 [Untitled] cassette out now!!

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BirthControl08 - Universe 25 [Untitled] cassette out now!!

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After a hiatus of nearly a year, Birth Control Productions return with our newest release. BirthControl08 is Universe 25’s [Untitled] cassette.

Two long rehearsal pieces from the reclusive Los Angeles solo project of Patrick C Albertolle, each originally recorded to tape in single takes during May of 2019. Albertolle employs an extensive selection of sonic interrogation devices from his obsessively-compiled personal gear collection to summon up superbly layered, mechanical-sounding sonic visions of decrepitude and anhedonia.

Abstract and schizoid, this tape resounds with the personal despair and atomisation of urban modernity. The artist draws on power electronics, death industrial, rhythmic noise and minimal techno to manifest a strong debut that is both ear-splittingly harsh and precisely meted-out. Crushed and shambling static, squealing feedback, pounding drum machines, murmured and highly distorted vocal interjections, and pulsing bass tones come together to create an industrial noise recording that is both deeply indebted to classic recordings and absolutely grounded in the contemporary scene. This one is not to be missed.

Strictly limited to 50 copies on pro-duped cassette with hand-numbered j-cards. $6US or €5. Ships from our new base of operations in the Republic of Ireland.

Order by direct contact at or at our Discogs or Storenvy shops. ... d-cassette

Excerpt available on Soundcloud:

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