television thread 2k17

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television thread 2k17

Post by puker »

what are yall watchin on tv?? i don't have time to watchmuch besides sport anymore but my brother showed me a funny show called review thats on comedy central i think and I guess theres a new curb your enthusiasm season coming up well this her thread is for all television and televiosn related posts. god bless

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Re: television thread 2k17

Post by treebeard »

wwe raw, smackdown, 205 live (need to dive into NXT already...)
nhl playoffs
nba playoffs

they have various law & order series playing at the local bar all the time. if one's on, it captures my attention and i can't stop watching it. which is weird, because i know what a joke our injustice system is.

anybody watching any good recent series on netflix? i've heard that iron fist sucks (yes, i know, old news...) and i got bored with the flash and cage after awhile.

praise tha Lor' and pass the re-mote...

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