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New Forces Final Update 2018: Shredded Nerve, Sunken Cheek +

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New Forces Final Update 2018: Shredded Nerve, Sunken Cheek +

Postby newforces » Fri Nov 23, 2018 5:01 pm

I am very pleased to announce four new tapes on New Forces alongside a massive update to our distro with items from Freak Animal, Cold Spring, Segerhuva, Hospital, Helicopter, and more.

Our webstore is located here:
Digital albums are available here:
contact: newforcesnoise at gmail dot com

Exciting things in the works from New Forces, including The Rita - Magazine 2xLP, Koufar LP, and tapes by MO*TE, Spore Spawn, A Fail Association, Mass Marriage, Pleasure Island, Striations, Body Carve, Kakerlak, Limbs Bin, Skin Graft, and more.

New Releases / New Releases  New Releases / New Releases / New Releases

Shredded Nerve - Final Vision (Cassette)
"Final Vision" is an emotionally devastating exploration of sound and texture. Shredded Nerve has never sound so raw, so exposed. For nearly an hour Justin Lakes takes the listener through a series of tracks that showcase virtuoso tape-manipulation, cathartic harsh noise, and cold electronics. Each section is so expertly composed that the hour of music almost feels too short. This is both expansive and engaging music, and a fitting follow up to recent Shredded Nerve releases on the likes of Chondritic Sound, Total Black, and Monorail Trespassing.

Sunken Cheek - Humiliation (Cassette)
Sunken Cheek has carved out a respected place in the noise underground by working harder than most and continually refining a unique approach to sound. The bastard child of scummy American harsh noise and tape-manipulators like Aaron Dilloway or Sewer Election, Sunken Cheek infuses his music with a sense of anxious depression that could only be the product of post-industrial Syracuse, New York. "Humiliation" captures the project at its most aggressive. The creeping dread we've come to expect is here infused with a dose of aggressive scrap metal destruction, building from electronic melancholy to absolute obliteration over the course of two perfectly composed tracks. The next level from one of America's finest.

Blind Date - Open Trap (Cassette)
The new generation of American harsh noise, Blind Date follows up excellent releases on Angst, Idiopathic, and Dead Gods with "Open Trap," more than thirty minutes of unrelenting and dynamic noise music. Calling to mind the best of the Troniks catalog, these walls of noise shift and morph, blending a monolithic heaviness with an irrepressible sense of movement. Fields of static and feedback occasionally interrupt the onslaught, while shards of white-hot metal lurk at the edges. Blind Date recently toured the US and left audiences in awe; this tape will introduce everyone else to one of noise music's best new artists.

Hoback River Radio (Cassette)
Static-drenched transmissions from a pirate radio station located in the Gros Ventre Mountains of northwest Wyoming. Field recordings capturing damaged country-western classics, performed on cabin porches looking up at the mountains, filtered through layers of static and interference. Birds, wind, and water intruding on the broadcast. Pure American music. Not a typical New Forces release, but something highly personal. Some will appreciate, some will dismiss. The former understand that despite centuries of caricature, there is just "something" about the American West that captures the imagination. Lo-Fi Mountain music.

Distro Titles
Aaron Dilloway - The Gag File LP
REGIM - Stabbed by the Blind LP
Shredded Nerve - In the Shadow of What Never Was LP
IRM - Indications Of Nigredo 12-inch
Sissy Spacek - Blear LP
Sissy Spacek - Roulette 7-Inch
Sickness / John Wiese "Amnesia" 7-Inch
Trepaneringsritualen - Perfection & Permanence LP
Merzbow / Genesis Breyer P-Orridge - A Perfect Pain LP
Iron Fist Of The Sun - We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps LP
Hijokaidan - Emergency Stairway To Heaven LP + CD - Electric Current LP (Hospital / Freak Animal)
Sick Seed / Shift LP (Freak Animal)
Grunt - Castrate The Illusionist LP
Special Interests Magazine Issue 10 (Wince, Grim, Le Syndicat, + more)
Special Interests Magazine Issue 9 (The Rita, Con-Dom, Prurient, + more)
Silence Of The Vacuum - Under Three Layers Cassette
Puce Mary - The Great Panic Cassette
Passing Rumor 2 (Kjostad, Shredded Nerve, Remnants, No Dreams +) Cassette
Kjostad - Glacial Lake Cassette
Sissy Spacek - Disfathom Cassette
MO*TE - Cuffs CD
Grunt - Myth Of Blood CD
Wince - Traum CD
Incapacitants ‎– El Shanbara Therminosis CD

+ other New Forces titles

Distros get in touch!
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