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New Kaladruna releases

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New Kaladruna releases

Postby Kaladruna » Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:15 am


Kaladruna is back from respite with two amazing releases.

Realglaube - Erfahrung
Raw, yet melodic and atmospheric Black Metal thematically dealing with the philosophies of German philosopher Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi. Project of R.v.R. (Seer's Fire, Cer, Wandelaars and Toorvond).

Ymesh - Let Them Be Naïve
Long forgotten recordings from 2004 and 2005 from one of the most disturbing projects from The Netherlands now finally seeing the light of day. A horrid mix of Raw Black Metal and Industrial sounds. Hymns for the mentally disturbed.
"Mental illness is a blessing upon mankind".

Orders can be placed as of now, via
First shipments go out this weekend.

Alternatively you could try out the new shop set up at Everything is tested and works, however, please write me on the above address if you run into any issues.

The following Kaladruna releases are still available:
essence 012 – Arjen/Eeuwig – Gateway to the Monolith of Dreams
essence 011 – Belphegor – Daemonolatria
essence 010 – Corpusculum – Saducismus triumphatus
essence 009 – Corpusculum – Echidna
essence 008 – Irae/Black Command – The Immortal Circle of the Adversary
essence 007 – Weemoed – Droommoord
essence 005 – Vazal – Woestenij
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Re: New Kaladruna releases

Postby Friesen » Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:10 am

I would love to buy Kaladruna. I am waiting for it from very long time. I am glad, i have found your post. I was searching for the bestessays for my little boy and while searching essay for him, i have found your post in which you have shared links from where i can buy kaladruna.
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