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Lunar Heathen Front (11/4/17)

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Lunar Heathen Front (11/4/17)

Postby CosmicWeaponOfThule » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:09 pm

Winter Solace Productions has returned after a long absence on this day the Fourth of November, the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and 2 days past the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

These new propaganda onslaught stands in resistance to this failed Antifa uprising that was prophesied and pontificated by the fake leftist publications.
These flyers were the source of offensive for one person (discussed below) and this morning Amazon dot com attempted to hack (as shown in this photo)
into the winter solace label mail, for yet unknown purposes. Despite these setbacks this label has been relaunched from our new stronghold after some months of inactivity.


11-4 Episode "The Myth Of Adolf Hitler"

Soundcloud Link

This was an older one that never got out there due to problems here.

Soundcloud Link

LHF016 - Hate Ejaculation "Adolf Hitler:Forgotten Zionist (A Seperation Of The Lunar Heathen Front Mythology From The Nazi Wicker Man)"

LHF017 - Under The Divine Electron We Seek Deliverance From The Sodomite Ape-Lings "The Four Atlantean Root Races: Vol.1 Sodomite Ape-Ling Panspermia"

LHF018 - Under The Divine Electron We Seek Deliverance From The Sodomite Ape-Lings "The Four Atlantean Root Races: Vol.2 The 2619 Strain"

LHF019 - Under The Divine Electron We Seek Deliverance From The Sodomite Ape-Lings "The Four Atlantean Root Races: Vol.3 Galactic Cuckholding"

LHF020 - Hate Ejaculation/Under The Divine Electron We Seek Deliverance From The Sodomite Ape-Lings "The Abrahamic Singularity"


For the past nine and a half years statements have been made from this labels official channels that would deemed eccentric and advancing our unique brand of Esotericism. These statements have been either contradictory, disorganized or otherwise within the realm of the abstract and ridiculed under such claims to a lack of mental clarity or drug abuse. These publications are almost always now released under the banner of the Winter Solace scholarly sub label known as the Lunar Heathen Front. As the overall atmosphere of the world changes it has been deemed necessary to reform this sub label in order to match the ideals with continued spiritual growth. This reformation will upset some people who have not arisen to the same levels of spiritual growth and that is fine as the promise land can only be comprehended by the select elite, whom also have risen above the current conditioning. These 5 recently released discuss everything from: string theory, parallel universes, the origin of AIDS, people shape-shifting into Apes, the lost Zionist/Islamic influences into the Holocaust, the rape of Africa, the masonic corruption of theosophy, the left wing breakaway civilization/Mercurian space colony and numerous other subjects. The split tape in the series deviates from the traditional LHF format and instead of a massive essay features an Allegorical dialog between the avatars of the two projects illustrating the narrative/metaphorical chessboard we all enslaved to.

Samples: LHF016 LHF017, LHF018,
LHF019, LHF020

All of these new releases are on sale for 3 USD until Friday.

Please discuss the musical merits of these new releases or other content here.
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Re: Lunar Heathen Front (11/4/17)

Postby Wiforece » Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:40 am

I have searched for the latest episodes of the myth of Adolf Hitler which is so interesting and series of amazing entertainment.I got only older episodes on you tube and also tried to find on site but that was not helpful for me.Now I'm trying to check the latest episodes about it and need to check the latest episodes there.
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