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Perfect Aesthetics 2019 (øjeRum, Ato Vari, Sortlegeme)

Noise, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, Noisecore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Drone, Hardcore, etc.

Perfect Aesthetics 2019 (øjeRum, Ato Vari, Sortlegeme)

Postby prfctaesthtcs » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:28 pm

New Perfect Aesthetics Releases And T-Shirt Out Now!


AEST-040: øjeRum “Hendes Bregneøjne” CS

Autumn leaves falling on the piano keyboard. Astonishing silence between the notes covered with memories of better times. Field recordings capturing humble moments of life we used to know. Soft patterns intertwining into each other in a beautifully sad manners. Carefully crafted piece of work full of emotion and personal development, where ambient stepped into neoclassical territory

Strongest work from øjeRum by far

listen / buy cassette: ... bregne-jne


AEST-041: Ato Vari “Stele” CS

After two releases on Posh Isolation and Holy Geometry, Ato Vari aka Mads Gravers Nielsen returns with his third tape, 'Stele'. Frequencies collide into mix of ambience coloured with slight touches of tape hiss. Distant fires across the fields of shimmering grasses. Two cinematic pieces telling the story of unspoken drama happend within

Night in the garden of the dead.
A soft hiss in the gentle air.
Solitude. An animal sleeping.
Life's casualties.

listen / buy cassette:


AEST-042: Sortlegeme “Awe” CS

Waves of drones hiding uncertain melodies which are drifting into sharp noises. Voices and sounds of different objects transfiguring the time. On this record Sortlegeme explores themes of human nature and surroundings with the variety of different artistic tools

listen / buy cassette:


+ The first ever Perfect Aesthetics t-shirt

buy: ... -t-shirt-2

Printed on Gildan Premium Cotton and presented in two colourways: Black and White. Comes in sizes S, M, and L

Originally made available during the Perfect Aesthetics Showcases at Loophole in Berlin, GER 08.02.2019 and at Mayhem in Copenhagen DK, 14.02.2019. Limited edition

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