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Analog Worship new arrivals: January 11 2017

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Analog Worship new arrivals: January 11 2017

Postby Analog Worship » Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:45 pm

Our first update of 2017, and it's a highly anticipated one. We have in hand the very last copies of the MOON "Melek Taus" DLP from Skjold. These will go quickly, we've been receiving many more emails than we have copies. This title is strictly one per customer. We also have the new OSTOTS album that Skjold just released, the Basque outfit's first new material since 2015. This update also includes very limited cassette versions of the most recent two BIZARRE UPROAR full lengths, the debut LP from Order of the Nonagram-affiliated death metal act DEIQUISITOR, the new live tapes from ZSS and HAL HUTCHINSON and more.

Here's the full list of new titles:

BIZARRE UPROAR "Amputaatio" Cassette
BIZARRE UPROAR "Dekadenz" Cassette
BLACK GRAIL "Misticismo Regresivo (Live)" Cassette
BRUTALOMANIA "Mess" Cassette
CHRIS GOUDREAU "Ultranegative" Cassette
FLATLINE CONSTRUCT "They Think They've Found the Terror" Cassette
HAL HUTCHINSON "Live" Cassette
HWITAGUÞAN "Undergångens år" Cassette
MAUSSADE "Mecaniques Sociales" Cassette
MOISTURE DISCIPLINE "Snake Drilling" Cassette
MOON "Melek Taus" Double LP
OSTOTS "Ezer Ezaren Araztasuna" LP
PROFANE ORDER "Marked by Malice" Cassette
SONNENRAD "New Empire" Cassette
SSRI "Focalor" Cassette
STROTTER INST "Griesgram / Querulent" Cassette
TERROREACTOR "Befehl fur Den Sieg" Cassette
VOMIT ANGEL "Sadomatic Evil" Cassette
ZSS "Live" Cassette

Our next update should post within a month. As always we're waiting on a number of wholesale and trade parcels, including the CARVED CROSS Double LP from Skjold, the second issue of the fantastic "Serpent Bearer" zine from Finland, the new WARLOGHE 7" from Northern Heritage, the two new SADIO split LPs and the second CELEBRITY APPRECIATION SOCIETY tape from Freak Animal, the second COUNTESS LP from New Era, the past three batches of tapes from All Dead Tapes/Wealth of Abuse, the next tapes from A.S.K.E (along with a few titles we missed out on before), a few titles from Bacteria Field, the promising debut demo of PRIMORDIAL MASSACRE and more.
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