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Postby chromepeelerrec » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:21 pm

The auction is here: ... SwKMRa2GtY

Cacophony is the second studio album by English anarcho-punk band RUDIMENTARY PENI. It was released 1988 on their own label, Outer Himalayan Records. Cacophony's entire track list and lyrics were inspired by the life and stories of early 20th century horror author HP Lovecraft.

Just a slight bend in the upper right corner of the cover.

Record has been stored in a SMOKE FREE environment.

A1 Nightgaunts
A2 The Horrors In The Museum
A3 The Only Child
A4 Architectonic And Dominant
A5 The Evil Clergyman
A6 Brown Jenkin
A7 Crazed Couplet
A8 Sarcophagus
A9 Lovecraft Baby
A10 Dream City
A11 C12 H22 O11
A12 Zenophobia
A13 Sunset For The Lords Of Venus
A14 Beyond The Tanarian Hills
A15 Imps Of The Perverse
B1 The Dead Loved
B2 Periwig Power
B3 Kappa Alpha Tau
B4 American Anglophile In The World Turned Upside Down
B5 Memento Mori
B6 Better Not Born
B7 Arkham Hearse
B8 The Old Man Is Not So Terribly Misanthropic
B9 Gentlemen Prefer Blood
B10 Sonia
B11 The Day The Universe Ceased (March 15th 1937)
B12 The Crime Of The Century
B13 Musick In Diabola
B14 Shard
B15 Black On Gold

Proceeds of this auction go towards funding future releases on Chrome Peeler Records.
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