Tapes for sale! Hungry.

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Tapes for sale! Hungry.

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Well, looks like I'm in need of cash. Would love to clear out some space and eat more than one meal per day, so don't hesitate to message me, haggle, et cetera. I'm based in the AZ, USA.

Sorry, no trades. Willing to reduce total for multiple items, so would strongly prefer orders of more than one item.

Shipping within US will be $3.50, to Europe/Asia/R.O.W. it's $13.50. I live within walking distance from my post office, so very, very fast shipping, and I always provide tracking/customs info.

V/A - Nyrkki & Kyrpa III C80 (Filth & Violence) $9
Chloroform Rapist s/t C36 (Nil By Mouth) $9
Nor Index "Rat Trap" C30 (Dogmatics In Outline) $8
Nor Index "Recurring Photographer" C16 (Dogmatics In Outline) $7
Publication Ban demo 1 C27 (Dogmatics In Outline) $8
Publication Ban demo 2 S/S C42 (Dogmatics In Outline) $8
Hal Hutchinson/SSRI split C48 (Untergeschoss) $9
SSRI "Circle of Positivity" C20 (Freak Animal) $7
Umpio/SSRI split C40 (Untergeschoss) $8
Umpio "Sauna" C20 (Obscurex) $7
Hander Som Vardar "Depopulation" C30 (Obscurex) $8
Corrosion s/t C20 (Labelless Resistance) $7
Grain Belt/Wince "Live In The Twin Cities" split C30 (White Centipede Noise) $8
Lettera 22 "Subsequent Teeth" C30 (Monorail Trespassing) $8
The Glass Path "Driving Music" C30 (Drugged Conscience) $8
Miscreant "Birthright" C10 (New Forces) $6
Un Regard Froid "Algolagnie" C20 (Noir Sur Noir) $7
Un Regard Froid "La Feminite Moderne" C20 (Nil By Mouth) $7
Elisha Morningstar "Cronica Infanzia" C20 (Strange Rules) $7
Hidegkut "Gyerekkor" C20 (Throne Heap) $8
Sunken Cheek "Without Rejection" C30 (Angst) $8
Mares Laig "Sun Turned Leather Serpent" 2xC10 (Clandestine Compositions) $7
Mares Laig "Sweat Out The Saturnine Filth" C16 (Private Archive) $7
Rat Catching "Tristia" C20 (Worthless Recordings) C20 $7
Northern Cross s/t C40 (Rare Youth) $9
Elephants Mourn "Salju" C30 (Blodad Tand) $8
Elephants Mourn "Tirana" C20 (Blodad Tand) $7
Flysch "For Opposition" 2xC20 (Unseen Force) $9
The Rita/Christian Nicolay/NFW "Atlantis" 2xC30 (Satan's Din) BOX IS DAMAGED $6
The Rita/Suction Melena "Roman Facesitting" C40 (Lake Shark Harsh Noise) $8
Clavicula Salomonis "Crushed Vehemently" C20 (Torn Light) $7
Painted Woman "07.24.14" C10 (Unseen Force) $5
Linda Lovelace "Inside Linda Lovelace" C10 (Destructive Industries) $5
Linda Lovelace "From Linda With Love" C20 (Destructive Industries) $7

Thanks for looking.

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