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FS BM Tapes, CDs

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FS BM Tapes, CDs

Postby :Vragh: » Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:29 pm

Make offers. Most of these tapes haven't even been played. All inserts are included. Shipping from Sweden, but it is not too expensive, about $4 to get a tape to the US.

Send offers to tsjuder at gmail dot com or PM. Payment by paypal or bank transfer.

**** denotes reserved items where offers have been accepted.

Aasgard - Ravens Hymns Foreshadows the End (Legion Blotan)
Aboleo - Leere in den Antworten
Aderlating - Dood (Devotional Hymns Records)
Æva - Æva (Daudings Gjennklang)
Ascension - With Burning Tongues Demo 2009 (with pin) (W-T-C)
Ash Pool - Together They Serve to Define the Process Demo (Hospital)
Aurvandil - Part II: Winter (62/100) (Winterreich Records)
Axeman - Arríve (94/100) (No patch included, but a pin) (Crepusculo Negro)
Axnaar - Anart (Legion Blotan)
Aytnachr - Dawn of Despair (Grievantee)

Blackest Woods - All My Children (Ormeyngel)
Blackreign - Never Ending Torment (350/666)
Bone Awl - At the Ellipse's Arc (Ziplock bag) (Northern Sky/Klaxon)

Circle of Ouroborus - MatterEther (Clamshell) (Cocainacopia)
Circle of Ouroborus - Night Radiance (Northern Sky)
Circle of Ouroborus - Night Radiance pt. 2 (Cocainacopia)
Circle of Ouroborus - Night Radiance pt. 3 (Cocainacopia)
Cultfinder - Cultfinder Demo
Cultus - A Seat in Valhalla (Heidens Hart)

Dead as Dreams/Aurvandil - Adrift (Tour de Garde)
Dead Reptile Shrine - Isth Naraj Ja (Antihumanism)
Dead Reptile Shrine - Blood Grail - The Infinite Equinox (Antihumanism)
Dead Reptile Shrine - Sabbat (Skulls of Heaven)
Dead Reptile Shrine - Burning Black Infinity (Antihumanism)
***Deathcircle - In These Depths of Madness We Proclaim Thy Name (Dungeon Tapes)
Despond - Hope is Hopeless (30/50) (Parasyte Curse)
Devil's Dung - Devil's Dung
Draiothe - Demo I (Ziplock bag) (Corpse Without Soul)
Drekavac - Drekavac 2012 Demo
Durazis - Into Negative Existence (Repress) (Parasyte Curse)
Durazis - Prayer Rehearsal 1/29/09 (Repress) (Parasyte Curse)
Durazis - Rehearsal 4/29/09 (Repress) (Parasyte Curse)
Durazis - Curse (32/66) (Parasyte Curse)
Durazis - Demo 2012 (Parasyte Curse)
Durazis - Nox Odium De Profundum Demo (24/66) (Parasyte Curse)
Durazis - Feast of Human Death Demo (Parasyte Curse)

Eternal Majesty/Antaeus - Split (#655) (DMM)

Forest Poetry - Hatespell (Mistress Dance Records)
The Forever Garden - Pleasant Pain Demo
Funeral War - Agonie des Menacés (13/100, w. lyrics insert)

Garrotte - Demo I (Posh Isolation)
Glaciation - 1994 (Tour de Garde)
Glass Coffin/One Master - Split (45/100) (Peasant Magic)
Glorior Belli - Evil Archaic Order (Satanic Propaganda Records)
Golgatha - Ewiger Hass (Warfront Productions, Promo/300)

The Haunting Presence - The Haunting Presence (Crepusculo Negro, CN-19, 15/100)
Heilig Tod - Heilig Tod (Wands)
Heresi - Psalm I (Satanic Propaganda Records)
Horrid Cross - Demo I (Ziplock bag) (Irradiated Corpse/Corpse Without Soul)
Horrid Cross - Demo II (Ziplock bag) (Irradiated Corpse/Corpse Without Soul)

***Ill Omen - Ill Omen (76/100)
***Ill Omen - Adverse Order (41/100)
***Ill Omen - Black Esoterica (76/100)
Ill Omen - Spear of Salvation (27/333) (Adverse Order)
****Ill Omen - Wrath of a Thousand Suns (Adverse Order)
Ilmestys - Demo I
Interfektor - Symphonie des Grauens (246/300) (Drakkar)
Interfektor - Fullmoon Antiquity (120/200) (Drakkar)
Istorn - Demo I - Gjennom Mørke Skogen (Fossbrenna Productions, with stamp)
Ives - Burial of the Modernized Soulless (161/400)
Ives - Abandon (w. patch)
Ives / Hot Graves / Nak'ay / Cellgraft - Split (P.V.R)

Kallathon - Before Drifting Into the Abyss (2nd Press) (178/200) (Crepusculo Negro)
Karmic Void - Armageddon Sun (Terratur Possessions)
Kestrel - Weather Eye (CW Productions)
Kill - Nocturnal Death Demo (First edition with color cover)
Kill - Live for Satan (Satanic Propaganda Records)

Legion (Sweden) - Realm of Death Demo (Dub)
Likfärd - Likfärd Demo (Aetergap)
Luciation - Ancient Ways of Evil Darkness (5/99) (Phlegm Productions)
Luciation - Infernalistic Flames of Luciftias (10/99) (Phlegm Productions)
Lucifugum - The Supreme Art of Genocide (123/999) (Propaganda)
Lucifugum - Vector 33 (698/999) (Propaganda)
Lupine Fall - Zarathustran Funeral Song (63/150) (Fyrgenholt Atavistic Propaganda)
Lupine Fall - Trials for Worthless Flesh (67/150) (Fyrgenholt Atavistic Propaganda)

Maldicão - Demo I (66/66) (Discipline)
Malveillance/Vorago - Split (158/400) (Tour de Garde)
Maniac (Mäniac) - Maniac Demo (Thrash/Punk)
Misery - Antiquated Future Demo
Morbid Tales of the Black Angels part 7 (#349) (With booklet and some at the time at least previously unreleased tracks)
-Osirion - Ave Iesus (Unreleased rehersal track)
-Temple of Baal - Bitter Days (Unreleased rehearsal track)
-Vordr - The Vacuum (Unreleased track 2004)
-Black Dementia - Oedipus Rex (Unreleased Demo track 2002)
-Grand Belial's Key - Reflections of the Coffin Lid (Unreleased live track, Nov 28, 1999, Virginia)
-Ases - Celtic Blitz (Unreleased live track 2002)
-Epheles - Au Seul du Néant (Unreleased track from Le Dernier Pardon, unreleased album)
Mortality - The Prophecy Demo

Obscvrvs Advocam - Fervour & Devotion (Satanic Propaganda Records)
Odour of Dust & Rot Compilation (Pin included) (Rhinocervs)
Odz Manouk - Odz Manouk (71/100, first edition) (Crepusculo Negro)
Odz Manouk/Tukaaria - Split (Rhinocervs)
Ostots/Satanize - MMX (Cocainacopia)

The Plague Rides at Dawn - The Plague Rides at Dawn (War Command Distribution)
Prest - Drapsinstinkt (Daudings Gjennklang)
Prevalent Resistance - Under Satan's Command (#284/333)

Regnant and Thrall - Questing the Faustian Spirit (44/200) (Association Strange Conviction)
Rhinocervs - RH-01 (89/200) (Rhinocervs) (Good sound quality)
Rhinocervs - RH-07 (Rhinocervs)
Rife - Rife (Legion Blotan)

Sacred Ritual - Sacred Ritual (36/100)
Satanize - Demonic Conquest in Jerusalem (Cocainacopia)
Satanize - Terror Devotion (Bubonic Productions)
Satanize - Inverted Fidelity (Defuntos)
Selvhat - Gjennom Moerket Famlende (Nordkult Rituals)
Sex Wound/Sump - Split (All Dead Tapes)
Sinisterite - Demo I - Black Demise
Sinisterite - Demo II - Dweller of the Tomb
Slidhr - Demo I (Debemur Morti)
Someone Walking on My Grave - Someone Walking on My Grave (Tour de Garde)
Sump - Sump
Sump - Autumn Blood (All Dead Tapes)
Sump - Cursed Means (All Dead Tapes)
Sump - Dicta Hell (With mini poster/flyer whatever) (All Dead Tapes)
Svartr Strijd - En Sista Vind (Total Holocaust Records)

Taut - Fantasy Mapped in Blood (CW Productions)
Tsjuder - Possessed (Majestic Union)
Tsjuder - Atum Nocturnem - Promo 1999 (At War Records)
Tukaaria - Raw to the Rapine (64/200) (Rhinocervs)

Unbeing - Unbeing (Fossbrenna Creations, with stamp)

Vemod - Vinterilden (Black/white cover) (Fossbrenna Creations, B&W cover, with stamp)
Vide - Vide (Northern Sky)
Volahn/Tukaaria - Split (112/200) (Crepusculo Negro/Rhinocervs)

White Medal - Tread the Earth: Demo '08 (With patch) (Grief Foundation)
Worship - Last Tape Before Doomsday (#18 ) (Impaler of Trendies)

Xul - CCXVIII (Drakkar)

Zarach Baal Tharagh / Eris / Grob - Split (#013)
Zephonith - The Underworld Gate (40/50) (Parasyte Curse)
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Re: FS BM Tapes, CDs

Postby :Vragh: » Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:30 pm

CDs (Like new, if nothing else noted)

Abruptum - Obscuritatem Advoco Amplctère Me (DSP) (Water damaged booklet)
Abruptum - In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo in Aeternum in Triumpho Tenebrarum (DSP)
Akitsa - Goétie (Warhorn)
Ancient - Trolltaar (Damnation)

The Black - The Priest of Satan (Text in gothic letters) (Necropolis)

Circle of Ouroborus - Shores (Northern Sky)
Cosmic Church - Arcana Dei Trilogia (Kuunpalvelus)

Dark Funeral - Dark Funeral (Hellspawn)
Darkthrone/Mayhem - The True Legends in Black (Bootleg with uncut Deathcrush)
Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (Ltd Shape CD) (Nuclear Blast)
Dissection - Where Dead Angels Lie (Ltd Shape CD) (Nuclear Blast)

Gathered Under the Banner of Strength and Anger - A Homage to Ildjarn (Pestilence)
Glorior Belli - The Great Southern Darkness (Metal Blade)

Hellhammer - Demon Entrails 2CD Box Set (Century Media)
Horna - Hiidentorni (Solistitium)
Horna - Kohti Yhdeksan Nousua (Solistitium)
Horna - Sudentaival (Woodcut)
Hot Records Compilation CD Vol 1 - The Rape of the Holy Trinity (Hot)

Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm (A5 Digipak) (No Colours)

Machine Head - The Blackening Special Edition (2CD Digipak) (Roadrunner)
Malveillance - Que la Mort Vous Emporte (362/500) (Autistiartili)
Marduk - Fuck Me Jesus (First edition) (Osmose)
Marduk - Here's No Peace (Shadow)
Mayhem - From the Darkest Past (WHR)1
Mayhem - Pure Fucking Armageddon (Die Hard)
Morbid - Live from the Past (From the Dark Productions)

Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence (Black Mark)
Nefandus - The Nightwinds Carried Our Names (Secula Delenda)

Projections of a Stained Mind Compilation (White cover) (CBR)

Satyricon - K.I.N.G CD Single (Ltd 1000) (Sony)
Sigh - Scorn Defeat (Second edition, photo cover) (DSP)
Sigrblot - Blodsband - Blood Religion Manifest Rerelease (W-T-C)
Summoning - Lugburz (Scratched, does not affect playback) (Napalm)
Svartsyn - The True Legend... (Folter)

Tenebrae in Perpetuum - Onoti Funebri Rituali (BlackSeed)
Tenebrae in Perpetuum - Antico Misticismo (Digipak) (Debemur Morti)
Tenebrae in Perpetuum - L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio (Digipak) (Debemur Morti)
Tiamat - Sumerian Cry (Second Edition) (Metalcore)
Tsjuder - Kill for Satan (Drakkar)

Urfaust - Geist ist Teufel (Goatowarex)

Volkurah - The Pagan Ritual Demo CD-r (20/30)

Warloghe - The First Possession (Drakkar)
Warloghe - Womb of Pestilence (Illuminating Void)
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