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No Coast / No Hope [Print Division] "New Zine"

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No Coast / No Hope [Print Division] "New Zine"

Postby nocoast_nohope » Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:20 pm

NC/NH has always been intrigued and fascinated with print and publication. We always do our best to stock as much work from artists in and out of the noise scene. Recently, operator Shea Hardacre has been releasing zines under the sub label "No Coast / No Hope Print Division." We plan to release printed materials from a variety of artists and hope to create compilations to foster a sense of community amongst the strong visual artists we see represent noise and it's various labels, especially in the Midwest.

NCNHPD-01 was the zine "Take as Needed" which compiled the mixed media works included in the special editions of CLOTTING's "Malignant Nation."
NCNHPD-02 is the new zine from Shea Hardacre "No Notice" which compiles all of the visual work made for show posters/flyers in 2016.

Image Image

"A collection of collage works made for public notice of performance. Various styles and sources collide into a strong and cohesive aesthetic. A narrative of 2016's poster work put forth into publication, showcasing both dark and light xerographica.

10 pages. 8"x10". Full bleed. Cardstock covers with both Snow and Milkweed stock options."

Both of these and more are available in the NC/NH store now. We look forward to creating more published works to arouse the visual senses of the xerographically inclined, cut up collage aficionados and general artists enjoying the range of images fitting in and related to the noise community. Stay tuned.
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