SHORES OF LADON - Lupercal & Eindringling LP Reissues [SOON]

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SHORES OF LADON - Lupercal & Eindringling LP Reissues [SOON]

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OUT ON 02.05.2021

Shores of Ladon - Lupercal & Eindringling Vinyl Rereleases

In the wake of SHORES OF LADON's highly anticipated 2nd full-length "Witterung" taking shape, Sol Records meets the demand for two vinyl re-releases of its long-soldout predecessors:

In 2012, the 23-min-EP "Lupercal" set the tone for SHORES OF LADON's remarkable sound while, in retrospect, presenting their probably most urging and impulsive material. On a basis of freezing atmospheric Black Metal the band here already carefully developed their significant wealth of subtle nuances that peak in thrilling summits of melodic majesty. All this is accompanied by poetic German lyrics about transformation, the dark aspects of nature and one's personal experiences therein, fiercefully interpreted by genuinely tormented screams.

One year later, the debut full-length "Eindringling" not only fulfilled what the EP promised, but impressed with the sheer brilliance by which SHORES OF LADON managed to combine straightforward, passionate and emotional Black Metal with multi-faceted songwriting-excellence. While maintaining their profound roots in cold darkness, the certain mystique of this release also lies in its introverted, somewhat 'bucolic' seclusion, a strong desire for solitude that reminds of thoughtful neofolk-ish contemplation.

Both releases will be available again on white ("Lupercal") resp. silver ("Eindringling") heavy 180g vinyl, each re-press limited to 300 copies and including an insert.


Eindringling / Lupercal

In collaboration with Eternity Records

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