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Expansion Abyss Label News

Black Metal, General Metal altogether.

Expansion Abyss Label News

Postby expansionabyss » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:39 pm

EA001: Dipygus- Deathooze LP. Rotten death & doom. Last copies available. IBP has these for overseas folks.

EA003: Blood Omen- Wraiths of Primeval Battlefields 7". Red/grey/ or black vinyl. USBM ... ttlefields


EA004: Reviled- Demo 2019 cs. 7 tracks of war, death, and sodomy. For fans of Sadistik Execution, Bestial Warlust, etc.


Coming soon:
EA005: Putrid Temple- Hydragrammadion cs:
EA008: Offenbarung- Manifestus cs:
EA009: Blood Ouroboros- Obfuscation of Hideous Ego cs:

Coming 2020:
EA002: Psychotomimetic- Delirio Dimensional LP (tape on IBP):
EA006: Sentient Divide- Haunted by Cruelty LP. Black/death. Samples coming soon
EA007: Molog- Tri LP (CD on Dark Adversary is already out).
EA010: Ceremonial Curse debut LP. Mexican black/death:
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