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Pacific Threnodies - Dark Paeans from California

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:12 pm
by pacificthrenodies

Pacific Threnodies is a small label specializing in Black Metal, Dungeon Synth, Dark Ambient, Industrial, and more.


Forthcoming releases will be shared in this thread.

PT-17: Ossomancer - Artes Magickae [Black Metal]

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:12 pm
by pacificthrenodies

It is with significant excitement that we announce the coming of OSSOMANCER’s “Artes Magickae,” an ambitious conceptual effort of multifaceted ontology cloaked in the trappings of pure black metal resonance. Like the graven monolithic trifect of Thoth that furbishes its cover, “Artes Magickae” is an enormous work that examines a wide variety of ancient mythic traditions in its journey towards the fulfillment of its own will: to take on the mantle of the Magus. A summoning spearheaded by Kamose - previously of Sacerdos - and featuring a compliment of collaborators including one Proscriptor McGovern (Absu) the record marries a staunch adherence to second-wave compositional aesthetics with rich etiological conceits and superlative production.
In the artist’s own words:
OSSOMANCER is the ultimate culmination of metal, magick, mythology, and mysticism. Through the divinatory musick of OSSOMANCER, one can explore the correspondences which link together the principles of esotericism and polytheism and initiate in becoming a messenger for the gods!
A primary purpose of OSSOMANCER's first release, Artes Magickae, is to delve into the universality of god/goddess archetypes/aspects and the dynamic humanism which lies in the process of divination, syncretism, and esotericism when attempting to understand the divine. OSSOMANCER believes all human traditions and/or mythological symbols to be embedded in universal mystic principles... Since this album is centered on those mystic/mythological correspondences and is the debut album for the band, it is also based on the first principle of esotericism— the initiation with the divine through will or becoming “the magician.”
Not only does OSSOMANCER amalgamate pagan principles, but OSSOMANCER follows the same path in combining a vast number of influences to make metal which serves as the divinatory medium. The album is a culmination of five years of sorcery-imbued craftsmanship! We, Kamose and Futhark, are the spell-keepers behind the mystic metal of OSSOMANCER-- prepare for the coming age of The Magus!”
Recommended for listeners of Immortal, Absu, Satyricon, Rimfrost, Bathory, Witchery, etc.
In conspiracy with these seekers, a total run of 200 epistles shall be issued in pro-CD housed in full-color, 6-panel digipak with lyrics insert, to be shipped 9-17-19.

Preorder available below: ... s-magickae

DISTRO: At Dusk - Anhedonia [Depressive Black Metal]

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:25 pm
by pacificthrenodies


We have been able to procure the final remaining copies of the limited CD edition of At Dusk's monolithic canticle of sorrow, "Anhedonia."

These CDs were originally released by Kunsthauch Recordings, a Russian label with exceptionally high standards of quality, responsible for similar CD special editions for such bands as Make A Change... Kill Yourself, Vinterriket, Neige et Noirceur, Pest (Germany), Lustre, and more. However, the proprietor of the label has moved on to new pursuits and their operations have remained exanimate for several years now. As such, physical copies of "Anhedonia" have been unavailable by official means for at least 3 years now.

We had reached out to them several times over the years in the hopes of obtaining our own copies of this epistle, and recently received word that we could finally expect a shipment of their remaining stock. These have only just arrived.

This CD contains an hour of plodding, suicidal black metal in the tradition of Hypothermia and Make A Change...Kill Yourself. It is packaged in a heavy black cardboard case adorned with metallic silver ink, which also contains a large A-3 foldout poster of art and lyrics. Each copy is hand-numbered.

To accompany this renewed offering, we have issued our own digital edition, which contains exclusive bonuses within the download:

-Complete score for piano and organ
-Artwork for an unreleased DVD edition of the album
-Previously unreleased promotional photos
-The complete At Dusk - Live MMXII album, including artwork and bonus track

We believe this to be the definitive experience of "Anhedonia."

Link below:

DISTRO: Nemorensis - The Lady In The Lake [Ambient Black Met

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 10:42 pm
by pacificthrenodies


Nemorensis - The Lady In The Lake is a singular piece of ritual ambient black metal running 27:27 in length, with a limited CD edition manifested courtesy of Kunsthauch Recordings.

Like the acquisition we revealed one week ago, these are the final remaining copies, now available for the first time in several years since the original label has taken its leave.

The Rex Nemorensis, or “King of the Woods,” was a high priest of Diana among the cypress groves of Lake Nemi. Only an escaped slave could rise to this title by journeying to this forest and engaging the incumbent Priest-King in ritual mortal combat in a continuous cycle of death and symbolic rebirth. It is posited by those who ascribe to the ritual theory of myth that all true mythologies -including our own inner dream-narratives- arise from these concepts of the eternal circle.

“The Lady In The Lake” has only been described as an oneiric oblation to the divine feminine, with deference to the pallette of tools set forth by such artists as Paysage d’Hiver, Darkspace, Echtra, and Vinterriket to weave its reverential saga.

This CD rests in a color four-panel gatefold Digipak, housed in a sealed black-on-black screen-printed envelope hand-numbered in silver ink. Accompanying each artifact is a large A-3 color poster.

To accompany this renewed offering, we have issued our own digital edition, which contains the full-resolution artwork from this CD edition as well as the long sold-out cassette edition of the album (issued by Sol Y Nieve recordings in 2014).

We are overjoyed to share this work with you. ... n-the-lake

Re: Pacific Threnodies - Dark Paeans from California

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:25 pm
by pacificthrenodies
In light of certain upcoming endeavors, it has become expedient for us to make a little more room in our small headquarters.
As such, all currently-issued special cassettes in our signature 4x4 packaging will be made available at 1/2 their original price, and will remain as such until each has found its way to a new home. Effective immediately.
No promotional or coupon codes necessary.
Affected releases include:
PT-06: Spirals [Dark Ambient / Krautrock]
PT-10: Eternal Fortress - Enchanted Woods of Sorrow [Epic Black Metal / Dungeon Synth]
PT-12: Trollkjerring - Whistle and I'll Come To You (Under The Weeping Cherry Tree) [Dark Ambient / Noise]
PT-13: Starless Domain - EOS [Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal]
Pt-15: Nan Elmoth - Now Falls The Empire [Traditional/Raw Black Metal]
Thank you.

REPRESS: PT-05: Stygian Obsession - Form Is Void

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 10:25 pm
by pacificthrenodies

Set to coincide with their début live appearance in support of Ulthar & Murk Rider on November 7th, Stygian Obsession's inceptive work, "Form Is Void," is finally seeing a second pressing in the cassette format.

Variously described as "a dank pool of tepid filth" (Metal Trenches), "a brutalising effort that delivers on more then just heaviness" (GB&HBL), "death metal that challenges and melts boundaries" (Meat Mead Metal), and "an outstanding debut" (Nine Circles), this epistle has remained our best-received release to date. It has remained sold out and unavailable in physical media for over a year... until now.

This new version, on gold-on-black pro-tapes contained in 4x4 packaging, features an updated art and lyrics insert featuring full-color photography by collaborator R. Paul.

"Think of a ritualistic Incantation/Autopsy, with elements of Hypocrisy. Add to this a coating of blackened terrorscapes of the sort that Ævangelist do so well, and you’ll have a starting reference point for what Stygian Obsession deliver on Form Is Void." - Wonderbox Metal

Recommended for listeners of Demigod, Grave Upheaval, Depravity, Gorement, Mold, etc.

Preorder open now. Begins shipping 11/7/19. ... rm-is-void

REISSUE: PT-16: Malfet - The Way To Avalon [Pastoral Dungeon

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2019 7:19 pm
by pacificthrenodies

We are proud to announce that we are fulfilling our promise to provide a second press of Malfet’s sylvan opus, “The Way To Avalon,” just in time for their festival appearance at this year’s Dungeon Siege West. This wonderful cassette has been reissued with the immeasurable help of Forsaken Relics, subsidiary distro to the legendary Gondolin Records, whom will now provide European distribution for not only “The Way To Avalon,” but also “The Snaking Path” starting November 1st.

Your response to this record has been effusive, and we are humbled at the support it has already received. Zware Metalen describes it as “an absolute must for lovers of music that takes you through medieval nature and adventure;” while Rock & Metal Temple enumerate that “You feel as though you are stepping through a gateway into another realm...”

Pacific Threnodies and Forsaken Relics shall each proffer 50 cassettes from our respective larders, with orders placed with PT scheduled to ship - with bonus poster and sticker, while supplies last - on 11/7/19.

Preorder at ... -to-avalon !