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Eternal Fortress - Enchanted Woods of Sorrow [CS]

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:55 pm
by pacificthrenodies

PT-10: Eternal Fortress - Enchanted Woods of Sorrow

"Enchanted Woods of Sorrow" is by far the most promising new demo of Summoning-adjacent symphonic epic black metal to be heard this year. From classic nostalgic dungeon-synth tones to driving and catchy guitar melodies, this release delivers everything one could hope for in this magical realm of high fantasy metal. Martial flutes croon over a surprisingly thick drum machine waltz as harmonized guitars march "The Realm of Rain" on its epic passage before dissolving to the enchanting glockenspiel tarantella of "Tol Galen." Sole creator Eldritch Fog (Heinous, Night Curse) has crafted an atmospheric and evocative new realm of imagination.

Recommended for listeners of Caladan Brood, Sojourner, Elffor, Kinstrife & Blood, etc

We are offering an extremely limited edition of 50 gold on tint-green pro-tapes, housed in 4x4 black boxes with album art and printed insert; to be shipped October 5th. ... -of-sorrow