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AISURAGUA new shirt / NEGRA NIT's releases New prices

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AISURAGUA new shirt / NEGRA NIT's releases New prices

Postby Negra Nit » Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:48 pm

New AISURAGUA shirt is just released this week.

It's printed on B&C Exact190 Black shirts in both sides. Limited to 30 copies. ... ritas.html

Also, all Negra Nit distro releases have new prices. All cds costs 3€ plus postage, Eps costs 3€ and Lps costs 5€.


-NN41 VAD – Unbekannter CD 3€
First album for this great Pagan Black metal band from Catalunya.

-NN40 INHOTTAVUUS – Initiationis Quod Pactum Apud Luxfero CD 3€
First album for this Black metal project from Ecuador / Spain. In a pure Finish way. Co-released with Tribulación Producciones and Soul Erazer records.

-NN37 NEGATIVA – Untitled I CD 3€
Compilation of all tracks released only in tape for this negative and dark project from Spain. Co-released with Vertebrae.

-NN36 EMPTY – The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair LP 5€
Rerelease for second album (2005) for this Spanish Negative, Lugubre and Dark Black metal band. Last album released on Osmose productions.

-NN35 VIRIUM – Mortui Resurgent Cd 3€
First album for this Black metal band from Barcelona, Catalunya. Straigth and effective. Co-released with Vertebrae and Humanicide prod.

-NN34 VAMPYRSGARD - Phantom der Nacht Cd 3€
Great first album in the pure tradition of Nordic Black metal. From Catalunya. Co-released with The Horror Dimension (Sp)

-NN33 ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM - …Outrora, Quando As Aguas Choravam… 2Cd 3€
Best Of / Compilation with Old and New tracks for this Lusitanian band. Pagan chants, battle hymns and warriors howlings. Pagan Black metal from Portugal. Co-released with Pesttanz Klangschmiede (Germany)

-NN32 TERDOR / GHEESTENLAND – Woekerweefsel / Helhond 7”EP 3€
Split with new tracks for two underground Dutch Black metal bands. Co-released with Lafawijn records (the Netherlands).

-NN31 HELDE - Suaren Gerizpea Cd 3€
First album for this Black metal band from Euskadi in the Scandinavian 90’s style.

Gloomy Black metal for Lost Souls. Spanish Black metal split. Co-released with Infortunio rec (Sp)

-NN27 NYCTOPHOBIA - Ritual II: The Will of Darkness MCd 3€
First work for this young Lovecraftian Black metal band from Catalunya.

-NN25 MARTHYRIUM / ERED - Psalms of Plagues and Cult of Death Gatefold 7”Ep 3€
Two bestial hymns spawned in conspiracy with darkness of death. Two psalms to glorify the plagues and worship the death. Great gatefold with 8-page booklet. New Ered album on Cudgel records.

-NN22 AMNION - Where the Celestial Flowers Fade 7”Ep 3€
New, and last, work for this classic band from Zaragoza (with Empty members) before the change to Cryptic Wanderings.

-NN19 HRIZG - Throne of the Occult 7"Ep 3€
Pure Black metal from Spain. Vinyl Ep release limited to 500 copies. Signed to Moribund rec.

Split between this 3 bands. 2 songs for each band. LOLK plays Dark Ambient from France, Lilyum is Black metal from Italy and OB is Occult black metal from France. Limited to 300 copies.

-NN17 TERDOR - Levi Cd 3€
From raw black metal to some kind of progressive black with lyrics about the feelings during war times. From the Netherlands..

-NN16 DARK PARANOIA - Emptied by Necessary Apathy Cd 3€
Depressive Sick Black metal from Italy.

-NN12 DAWN OV HATE - Death d'Hivern Mcd 3€
Old school Black metal from Catalunya. With Foscor, Graveyard, Lux Divina, Sign of Katumarus,... members. Less than 10 copies.

-NN09 TERDOR - No Peace for our Time! Gatefold 7"Ep 3€
Agressive Black metal about War from The Netherlands.

-NN06 ABORIORTH - The Mystical and Tortuous Way Towards the Death, pt. 1 7"Ep 3€
Great Black metal from Galiza. Last copies.

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