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Winter Solace Productions (11/4/2017)

Black Metal, General Metal altogether.

Winter Solace Productions (11/4/2017)

Postby CosmicWeaponOfThule » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:10 pm

Winter Solace Productions has returned after a long absence on this day the Fourth of November, the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and 2 days past the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

These new propaganda onslaught stands in resistance to this failed Antifa uprising that was prophesied and pontificated by the fake leftist publications.
These flyers were the source of offensive for one person (discussed below) and this morning Amazon dot com attempted to hack (as shown in this photo)
into the winter solace label mail, for yet unknown purposes. Despite these setbacks this label has been relaunched from our new stronghold after some months of inactivity.


11-4 Episode "The Myth Of Adolf Hitler"

Soundcloud Link

This was an older one that never got out there due to problems here.

Soundcloud Link


Gabriel SN/Bloody Vengeance/Azalok/Woodman Axe/Luison/Baptism of Fire Distro.

He pulled out of his commitments for the split tape on Death in Eden approximately 10 hours after everything was uploaded, made, promoted, announced etc. through a single Facebook posting viewed by 140 people.

His justification being that while he supports NSBM being on this label "scares him" due to reasons we were not given. The notion of this label being "NSBM" is debated by peoples within those and other circles by people incapable of finding a better use of their time. This label has transcended the NSBM label and that is what is actually scaring him and other such people who seek a stereotypical "cookie cutter" black metal reinforcing a pre-programmed/pre-defined image to further human enslavement into the fake leftist/global pseudo-reality.

This childish level of fake Elitism coming from the person within the Brazilian scene comes as no surprise, nor will we be surprised by the childish death threats, online vomit and other such garbage this person is now expected to expound. While our support of Brazilian bands is well known (I think there has been more of them here than from any other country) the level of dysfunction/children lacking the conviction is quite high and it may be time to revisit the level of support there offered.


This individual ripped me off approximately 20+ CDs. This is the third person from Mexico in the years to have done this, so now the policy henceforth going for anyone from that country seeking to deal with me is that they must send first in all transactions. Labels who write me from there that I haven't dealt with before will need to provide someone else not based out of Mexico who can act as a reference to their activity.

La Barricade

Sent different items rather then the agreed Honor cassettes after an extended delay, claiming he needed more time to get said Honor cassettes released. Did not reply when we requested to be sent the items we had originally agreed to.



Solace293 - Zyklonkrieg88 "NS White Power 88"

Sample Track: Decimate The Ashes Of Israel

Solace270 - Satanic Holocaust Warfare "Under the Iron Banner of Hatred"

Sample Track:Flag Of Eternal Victory Over All

Solace297 - Tank Genocide "Infernal Creation"
Solace298 - Tank Genocide "The Throne Of The Disorder"
Solace194 - Tank Genocide "Grave Insanity (Reissue)"


Samples: Infernal Creation, The Throne Of The Disorder, Grave Insanity

(Grave Insanity is a re-issue of the release we did years ago, where he is on the cover with his dog)

All of these new releases are on sale for 3 USD until Friday.

Please discuss the musical merits of these new releases or other content here.
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