LESIONS - Tired of Being Pushed Around... [CS]

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LESIONS - Tired of Being Pushed Around... [CS]

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XLesionsX - Tired of Being Pushed Around and Told Just What To Do CS

XLesionsX is gloomy, doomy, crusty, and oppressively miserable. Featuring members of At Dusk, Nan Elmoth, and the O.G. Meth Leppard (Los Osos Thrash, not Australian grind), this is their punishing first EP.
Over the course of a scant 10 minutes, Lesions pummels through the street boasting powerviolence of "Hood Shit;" dark hardcore d-beat slammer "We Are No One;" "Corey Williams," a mournful doom metal dirge; furious old-school crust punk in "Vacant;" and the introspective, drugged-out monster of "Solace." Negativity oozes from every filthy corner of this excellent debut.
Recommended for listeners of His Hero Is Gone, Integrity, EyeHateGod, Tragedy, etc.
We are offering an extremely limited edition of 50 pro-tapes in black and white hand-assembled j-cards to be shipped 11/24/17, including digital download.

https://pacificthrenodies.bandcamp.com/ ... what-to-do

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