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At Dusk / Sacerdos - Dark Ambient / Experimental Black Metal

PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:10 am
by pacificthrenodies
Pacific Threnodies is proud to unveil this, our sophomore release.

The first new material by either project in two years, this collaborative split effort presents two lengthy meditations balancing ambiance and aggression.
Both At Dusk and Sacerdos have been toiling in the black metal underground for a decade, with respectable respective discographies.

“Condemned” sees At Dusk amplifying their distraught psychic violence, calling upon the detuned fury of bands like Mizmor or Aosoth in a particularly vicious execution. Droning sections serve to cultivate the heightened sense of dread and unease.

“Hexagonum” is easily the most thoroughly produced work Sacerdos has yet unleashed. The piece ebbs and flows like a tide between crashing onslaughts and psychedelic ambience.

Recommended for listeners of Hate Forest, Velvet Cacoon, Sieghetnar, Blut Aus Nord, Trolldom, etc.

We are offering a limited edition of 100 pro-tapes in full-color printed 5-panel j-cards, to be shipped at the end of August. Pre-orders will include digital download and patch.
Listen and pre-order below: