Glass Shrine "Lapidary" cassette out now on NIGHT RHYTHMS

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Glass Shrine "Lapidary" cassette out now on NIGHT RHYTHMS

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The first "official" Night Rhythms release is out now and available for purchase in the form of Glass Shrine - Lapidary. This cassette is front to back some of the most unique and sincere American black metal we've heard, and it's truly an honor to bring these finely-crafted tracks to the open minds and ears of the world. 100 copies on deep purple tinted shells, 7-panel j-card with lyrics. You can order and stream from links below

Order the cassette here:

Digital stream:

Distros/labels: Please get in touch for wholesale copies.

"When you scramble for answers / all you’ll find is wings / and pristine specimens…

So begins “Hylesia Mymex,” the standout fifth track from one-man black metal project Glass Shrine’s debut full-length Lapidary . Striking in its imagery, the lyric perfectly illustrates what D.L., the artist behind Glass Shrine, means when he says that he seeks “to capture the beauty in ferocity with my music, to bring out something ornate and regal from a style of music known for its venom. The project and song names, lyrics and artwork are all deliberately and delicately crafted around this goal.” Every facet of the album evinces the care that went into its crafting: the tremolo-and-blast driven intensity stands in stark contrast to the pastel-hued cover and song titles that reference precious gems and species of butterflies, and the highly poetic lyrics infuse the musical savagery with more than a touch of the sublime." - Invisible Oranges

NIGHT RHYTHMS will also be distributing select titles from the underground music world.

CDG - Coven 2xCS
Doomentor - Dominus Omnes CS
Aureole - Aurora Borealis LP

Stay tuned

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