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Strange Rules.

Noise, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, Noisecore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Drone, Hardcore, etc.

Strange Rules.

Postby strangerules » Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:58 am

we have some new tapes available. 6 years on, always understanding.

available now:
Dominic Coppola & Angelo Harmsworth - 'Cordial' CS [RULE-125] noise ambience romance.
Kay Hill - 'Summit Tapes Pt. 2' CS [RULE-126] further magnetic drift.
Cremation Lily - 'Leisure Scars' CS [RULE-127] tape dirt & serenity.
Zen Zsigo - 'Windowpane, Acid' CS [RULE-128] washed up loops.

Bound Bible - 'Demo 2' CS [self-released] black metal

Various Artists - 'X ≠ X' 2xCS [Cønjuntø Vacíø]
Cremation Lily - 'Journal' CS [Monorail Trespassing]
Sequences - 'An Event For Oceans' CS [AVA]
Natural Assembly - "Arms of Departure" 12" [AV!019]

plus archival titles available in the SR archive.



contact: - no demos please

select previous titles available at the following outlets:
online - analog worship (us), unseen force (us), self abuse (us), found remains (us), scream and writhe (can) where frost reign (eu), the tide of the end (eu)
in store - hot salvation (uk), dead moon records (eu), art into life (jpn)
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Re: Strange Rules.

Postby strangerules » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:24 am

new cassette editions:
Anji Cheung - 'Diamond Hand' CS [RULE-135]
Alethe - 'Coldest Waters' CS [RULE-136]
Treading Bloom - 'Folding Body' CS [RULE-137]
Body Cage - 'Night's Meddle' CS [RULE-138]

limited copies from the vault:
cremation lily - 'infant' CS [RULE-011]
natural assembly - 'fusion's origin' CS [RULE-013]
false moniker - 'blooming carcass' CS [RULE-014]
venus receiver - 'madame violet continuing mission' CS [RULE-015]
deterge - 'substrate catalyzation' CS [RULE-017]
rvh - 'worlds without time' CS [RULE-018]
cremation lily & false moniker - 'servant's habit/all unbroken remains' CS [RULE-019]
heather - 'grey moment' CS [RULE-020]
wounder - 'youth will thunder' CS [RULE-023]
reactive identity - 'culture confusion' CS [RULE-030]
cremation lily - 'opiate birth' CS [RULE-34]
rvh - 'vacuum valediction' CS [RULE-036]
natural assembly - 'reduced to ruin' 3xCS [RULE-040] big box limited edition of 15
natural assembly - 'arms of departure' CS [RULE-042]
cremation lily - 'drug trafficking case histories greek island yellow sand' CS [RULE-045]
reactive identity - 'enemies blood' CS [RULE-046]
white crescent - 'from whose womb came' CS [RULE-047]
cremation lily - 'amateur photography guide: photography ring & the photographer' 2xCS [RULE-050]
cremation lily - 'the pardons of saints' CS [RULE-053] special edition of 25, with zine + print
streetmeat - 'hell is my home' CS [RULE-057]
cremation lily - 'brotherhood of gold' 2xCS [RULE-058]



allow 2-3 weeks delivery.

stay safe
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