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PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:32 am
by nocoast_nohope
Starting a catch all thread for any happenings with No Coast / No Hope here. Things have been slow, we've taken a back seat to constant distro stock and are doing our best to focus on releasing more tapes. But as with the new year and the new forum we have also made our first distro update in sometime.


*Deterge tapes sold out*

E. Roth - Vermin Zine (Not pictured above, crucial print material)
Streiber/E-Saggila - "Streiber/E​-​Saggila"
Whitewater - "Independent Council"
D.F.H. - "D.F.H"
Harbour District-"(​44​.​626070​,​-​63​.​559752​)​"
Braeyden Jae - "Less Fucked/Familiar Spaces"
Resign - "Among Trees"
Autumn Pool - "Balm In The Night Air"
Matt Harrison - "Paper Knife" Zine
Matt Harrison - "Silt" Zine
Matt Harrison - "Living Rooms" Zine
Ruptured - Nasturtium
AIDS Victim / Support Unit - Split
Wastelanders - Cosmic Despair CD

"Take as Needed" Zine - Shea Hardacre
CLOTTING - Broadcasts of Perturbation C30 (Second Press)
Heart of Palm - "Demo" C30 (Second Press)
Alex York - Ossein Rind C40
Forever Grey - Autumn Calling
Vaaults - S/T CS
Control Group - Demo
Mon.Ark Ammo - Retribution Current (LAST COPY)
Deterge - Civility CS
Collhge Notra - Dame de Jamhour (Koufar/Deterge Split CS)
Killer Bug - Shitsuke LP
Limbs Bin - "Bliss Tech" Flexi
Xome/Boar - Split LP
Dromez/Developer - Tour Exclusive Split
Invertabit - Bug Powder Junkie C17
Citizen 2-13/ Diaphragmatic - Split C64
Plague Mother/Citizen 2-13/Invertabit/Dan of Earth - Milwaukee Noise Punks 2xCS
Citizen 2-13 / Noise Child Slavery - The Pesticide Tapes C40
Daniel Rizer - Contaminated Time
Jason Crumer - Stare at the Devil
Matthew Reis - "Malignant Slumber" Zine
Rowlands_Bobby - "For" Zine
Fleeting Breathe - Solving C40
Crawling Yeast - The Sickness of Nature
Boar/Eric Witt/Bullshit Market - Winter Tour Tape
Edwin Perry Manchester - Secret Passageway
Barren Couples - S/T
Plagues/Total Hatred - Split
Blessed Sacrifist - Timeless Losers 3" CDR
Rush Falknor - Conglomerate CDR
(Apologies that list is not in any specific order.)

NCNH03 will be in production shortly and is a live compilation tape featuring: MONOWOLF, EDWIN PERRY MANCHESTER, CLOTTING W/ SKYLER ROWE, CULLED, RUSH FALKNOR & BARREN COUPLES. More details and info soon.

Many thanks for your continued support of the NO COAST.


PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:06 pm
by nocoast_nohope
Will be creating a separate thread in the Arts & Culture section but for also wanted to announce here.
I have a new zine compiling all of 2016's show posters/flyers. A lot of which were created for artists curated by NC/NH. 10 pages. 8"x10". Full bleed. Cardstock covers with both Snow and Milkweed stock options.
Available here: ... otice-zine

Image Image

NC/NH does have a few new tapes and items in stock featuring a few last copies of Deterge, Black Bloc, Lunar Tomb, Trash City comic and more. Distro activity has been at a lull while we try to focus on the slow progression of releasing more tapes.
The "Defensive Electronics" live comp featuring Culled, Monowolf, Clotting with Skyler Rowe, Rush Falknor, Edwin Perry Manchester & Barren Couples should be available next month. More releases planned as well, info will be announced when ready. Stay tuned.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:24 pm
by nocoast_nohope

Copies of Industrial-Historical Document. 2: Counterinsurgency and New Forces Issue 7 now in stock. The Midwest's greatest noise zine and a comp of heavy hitters with old and new projects, both compliments of New Forces.
Also available is three obscure but phenomenal tapes from label Space Noise Eternal. Featuring a split with Michigan harsh head Apostate. Material on each is all distinct and devout, with heavily detailed packaging. Don't sleep on any of this.

More details soon on NCNH03.


PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2017 12:10 am
by nocoast_nohope
NCN03 "Defensive Electronics" Live Compilation. 80+ minutes of live explosive electronics and shell shocked ambience. Featuring: Monowolf, Culled, Clotting with Skyler Rowe, Edwin Perry Manchester, Rush Falknor, and Barren Couples.

Image Image Image

Pro-dubbed white shell cassette tapes, with cover stock j-cards and sticker labels. Each tape contains an 8 page booklet of photos and art. All art pieces have source material from each artist, and is arranged and manipulated by NC/NH for the final booklet.


Distros please inquire for wholesale rates.
(International customers: Feel free to email us for proper shipping quote. Bigcartel not always accurate.)

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."


PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2017 7:55 pm
by nocoast_nohope
I have copies of the PLOUGHSHARE debut from Thousands of Dead God's in store now. As well as one found back stock copy of SUNKEN CHEEK "Tempered Exhaust" from the wonderful Aught/Void.

Good amount of copies of DEFENSIVE ELECTRONICS available as well. If there's any distro's looking to carry some tapes, we'd be forever grateful.

If interested, I also have some nice posters from the original show I can include with a tape. Place an order in the next week and email me if you'd like one:


PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:47 am
by nocoast_nohope
NCNH04 RUST BELT "Demo" Single Sided C20 Ltd Ed. of 15


"Empty landscape and scratched geography of Midwest hopelessness.

Debut tape from harsh noise gruppe RUST BELT, hopes to fill a void of mountainous, bleak & abrasive noise. Layers of dense static, crumbling texture, and piercing feedback culminate into a wall of depressive sound just like the vast wasteland that is the Midwest plains. Taking influence from the surplus of No Coast Harsh Noise luminaries, but hoping to return a product that would make them all proud. This is our effort to translate the rough and jagged terrain and seasons of the great rust belt. No Coast/No Hope/Fuck You.

Rust Belt on this recording is:
Dan Williams (Swarm Survival, Culled), Michael Cicero, Rush Falknor, and Shea Hardacre (Clotting, Heart of Palm)."

Stream the full track here:

We also have a small amount of Brett Naucke's "ESP Mirror" which is now sold out from label, Nostilevo. No Dreams and DJ Speedsick tapes are now sold out from label and us as well.

Very little distro activity will continue to commence. Deep discounts on a lot of products in our store. Please grab a copy of "Defensive Electronics" now at a slightly lower price. Everything helps us continue the labels output. Many thanks for your continued support of the No Coast.


PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:32 am
by kash123


PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:02 am
by nocoast_nohope

NOW AVAILABLE (Very Limited Quantities)
CLOTTING - Fraudulent Haruspex C20 NCNH05

"Televisions hum with the sermon of prophets and clerics. Fanatics and followers cling to the vision of divine truth. Propaganda is created with the message of terrestrial Gods. Beings beyond science often worshipped.

CLOTTING's "Fraudulent Haruspex" cassette utilizes slow churning broadcasts of apocalyptic industrial noise, to elaborate on themes of false messiahs and religious cults. Pounding wraths of rhythms collide with static drenched noise, creeping frequency disruptions, and looping abrasive metal. Direct preaching from televangelism gives narrative to the exploitation of credulity, and radioed in vocals read passages from hymnal text.

Artwork sheds light on various figure heads and second comings, adorned with religious iconography and structure, all captured under recording camera. Controversial symbolism from cult leaders show a desire to shock the masses into following, and the naivety only a delusional figurehead can posses.

Home dubbed labeled black shell C20's in clear norelco case. J cards printed on smooth cardstock with hand distressed lyric sheets included."

Purchase here:

Stream here: ... t-haruspex


PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:47 am
by nocoast_nohope

The first t-shirt for our namesake is now available for pre-order. Featuring the new stacked logo on breast print and expanded "midwest broadcast" label logo on back print. Show your pride of the No Coast, and all its cold, depressive and unique character.

High quality discharge ink screen print on Gildan shirts. Pre-order features discounted rate as thank you for your continued support. Pre-order will only be open until Jan. 21. Please allow 2-3 weeks for printing and shipping services.

First label release of 2018 will be a follow up cassette from Rust Belt titled "Cold Steel and Dead Crops." C20 cassette will be available sometime at the end of the month. Many new things in the works this year and some exciting releases from stalwarts of the midwest. Stay tuned.


PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:38 pm
by nocoast_nohope
NOW AVAILABLE: RUST BELT "Cold Steel and Dead Crops" C20
"Continuing in the tradition of caustic and chaotic american harsh noise, the gruppe presents two tracks of cold and abrasive walls of sound, with all gears churning and throwing caution into the winter wind. Each piece of textural crunch is another crop snapping under the weight of the changing seasons. Dense and thick, but constantly changing and moving. Moments of cut-up input, frantically mixed and muted, are like the movements of factory machinery. Tones shift just as quickly as the hot slag cools from the welders arc. This is the sound of the No Coast, and all its intense impact."

Purchase here:
Listen to excerpts here: ... dead-crops



ALSO AVAILABLE: No Notice 2017 Zine by Shea Hardacre
"The continuation of a series. No Notice is a print compilation of art works by NC/NH operator Shea Hardacre. Each piece crafted for public show notice and propaganda in the year 2017. Initial orders receive a complimentary mini zine companion, featuring each poster piece represented unaltered with all text and information, printed in full color."

T-shirt pre-orders are also still available until Monday. Orders with shirt+new releases will receive extras. Any outstanding shirt orders that would like to add items please email us for no additional shipping charges: nocoastnohope@gmail.

*Distro/whole sale rates available on Rust Belt tape. Please contact if interested.*