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New Monorail releases, 11/19; Scant and Ligature.

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:19 am
by monorail
[mt125cs] Scant - Estrangement c-24/DL | 100 copies
Second tape for East Coast linchpin M. Boettke after 2015's 'Wake of Dissolution.' Two untitled tracks of smoldering and combustible iron roar; the A-side being an impeccable decoding of the center of an incinerator rising to full steam, while Side B proceeds into the crackling of heat embers burning out, eventually giving way to an undercurrent pulse of sub bass oscillation. Mastered by John Pyle.


[mt126cs] Ligature - 245 Days in Hell c-20/DL | 100 copies
NYC's Chris Hansell -- armed with the tools of AM radio, tape loops, field recordings, contact mic and synth -- presents twenty minutes of harrowing audio drama and collage wrought from a period of deep personal turmoil. Isolated, repurposed audio materials form a subtle melodic backdrop with layers of organic and complimentary electro-acoustics uncoiling into focused outbursts of overloaded, poised harsh sculpture before descending into concrete ruminations. No help in sight.


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soon: Nystrand / Klein, Sunk Cost.