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Revolution of our Times: a benefit comp for Hong Kong

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Revolution of our Times: a benefit comp for Hong Kong

Postby HKBenefit » Tue Oct 15, 2019 9:32 pm

Sorry for making a new account and immediately shilling here, but we are releasing this anonymously to protect some of our friends living in the Mainland China, who could get in trouble had they (or the authorities) known about this.

We have released a multi-genre compilation album that benefits the Sue the Abuser campaign, which aims to help victims of police brutality in Hong Kong seek justice. 100% of the profits go toward the cause, of course. You can read more about the cause and find link for direct donation on the Bandcamp account.

The comp gas two noise/harsh noise tracks, a microsound composition, and some drone - among other genres less relevant to this forum.

Please note that the minimum of $7.85HKD is in Hong Kong dollars (to avoid having to use PayPal's greedy currency conversion system), which comes to around $1USD.

Hope you'll check us out!
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