Malfet - The Way To Avalon [Pastoral Dungeon Synth]

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Malfet - The Way To Avalon [Pastoral Dungeon Synth]

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PT-16: Malfet - The Way To Avalon

At last, we are proud to share with you the long-awaited sophomore effort of Malfet’s pastoral dungeon synth.

The Way to Avalon describes the journey from the known into the unknowable - abandoning familiar comforts and embracing the call to adventure. The Forest of medieval literature represented something quite different to that of the English Romantics - not simply a place of idyllicism or awe-inspiring beauty, but also an edifice of darkness, wrought with danger and unseen magical forces. Avalon itself is a mystical and wild place that may or may not even be “real” - only those fae folk who remember and practice the old ways may even find it.
The epoch of Arthur and his knights was a cataclysmic time when the solar forces of civilization and Christianity began to drive out the more lunar druidic cults and cast light onto those once-dark sylvan places, extinguishing their mysteries forever. But in certain places, one may still sense that old magic, pulsing among the trees like a benevolent effluvium. These moments must be sought after in earnest - Malfet seeks to capture some small part of the exaltation and wonder that is found among the sunbeams breaking through a verdant canopy, brilliant and strange.

Amidst the oaks and beeches of Broceliande, it is said that Merlin cast a spell of rejuvenation to join his long-lost love in a lifetime of bliss. We too may find ourselves restored in some small way between the rocks and trees on our way to Avalon.
Recommended for listeners of Fief, Monastery, Acheulean Forests, Jeremy Soule, etc.

Preorders are now open for both CD & CS formats, each including an 11x17 color poster of the album art, to be shipped July 1st. ... -to-avalon

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