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PA 2019 (Aisuru, Anasisana, J. Carter & Vito Lucente tapes)

Noise, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, Noisecore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Drone, Hardcore, etc.

PA 2019 (Aisuru, Anasisana, J. Carter & Vito Lucente tapes)

Postby prfctaesthtcs » Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:19 pm

New Perfect Aesthetics Releases Out Now!


AEST-036: Aisuru “A Family” CS

For those who have lost a loved one.

The album tells a story of a family, two people who meet and have children and how they cope when one of them gets sick and eventually passes away, 40-minute opus of solitary piano music.

A pastel blend of tonalities, channeling the deepest intimacies contained within the family sphere. Where the nuclear family is currently deconstructed by the evergazing public eye, it still attempts to withhold the raw, bleeding emotions of promise, birth, and, ultimately, death. Communicating these chapters of life through the whispers of magnetic tape, 'Mother' especially reminisces a warmth and delicacy, evoked through soft touches on the piano keyboard. A smile, a gesture, frozen in time.

listen / buy cassette:


AEST-037: Anasisana “Promises Are Meant To Be Broken” CS

Exploring the thick mist of depression, obscuring the clarity of the sky from the mind's eye, Anasisana revisits his final period in Berlin before departing. A decision which weighed heavy, transmitted to deep piano tones and gritty textures. The tracks on 'Promises Are Meant To Be Broken' are best understood when listened in one run, where time stretches, its perception becomes one stooping mass, its end indefinable from its beginning.

Sadness, melancholia, depression, have always been part of me. Without these feelings I'm lost, with them makes of me the person who I am now.

Dedicated to the last months I've spent in Berlin.

listen / buy cassette: ... -be-broken


AEST-038: Jeremiah M Carter “Sings Like An Arrow” CS

Delving deeper into contagious connections mediated by movement, 'Sings Like An Arrow' tries to make sense of the harmony found between beauty and form within the technological tool 'arrow' and the technic of the 'shooting'. Contesting the false dichotomies form-function, technology-nature, and nature-culture, J. Carter skilfully blends the ethereal with the dark, vast, and damp.

“People who live within cement have hearts of stone, lose any sense of ownership. Life inside these boxes, inside another person’s artwork, does not ennoble the spirit. Destroys it, grinds it down. The city is a machine that manufactures lives.

The occult recipe for disaster is made not with sorcery and magic but with the drafter’s table, with the pencil, with the pen, with the blueprint, with public money.

I will not build concrete and steel to haunt the sky.
I will not block the sun with my arrogance.”

Dedicated to ATTA

listen / buy cassette: ... an-arrow-2


AEST-039: Vito Lucente “Udgitha Of The Dogs” CS

Mediating the tension between eclecticism and asceticism, Vito Lucente proposes a private and personal excavation on the theme of enlightenment. Connecting the ends of chaos and intention. Learning that eternal wisdoms lie around the corner for those courageous enough to open their hearts.

listen / buy cassette: ... f-the-dogs

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