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Government Alpha/Bastard Noise - Split LP and Jenzeits/Alter

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Government Alpha/Bastard Noise - Split LP and Jenzeits/Alter

Postby Sterilization » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:10 pm

My buddy did a thing.....

Anthems of The Undesirable is proud to present three new releases as well as an assortment of related distro items.

Government Alpha/Bastard Noise - Interstellar Perceptions of a Failed Species 12" (UNDESIRABLE-020)
The alliance BASTARD NOISE and GOVERNMENT ALPHA flex on “Interstellar Perceptions Of A Failed Species” has been well explored over their combined decades of heavy electronic experimentation and exhibition. But rarely has a record that invites this level of self-examination been so welcome- the overwhelming, majestic synthesis awakens something within. Maybe the fear is edifying. At its heart, the record presents a pair of old friends uniting not in joy but in prophetic agony. The results are chilling and exhilarating. - Josh Landes (Limbs Bin)

A project years in the making, Anthems is proud to bring you this monstrous release from two legends. Mastered and cut for vinyl by David Cheppa (who has cut masters for Black Flag, Poison Idea, The Cramps, Kraftwerk, and many more,) with the exception of the infamous RRR 500 compilation, this is (by some bizarre coincidence) the first vinyl LP these two frequent collaborators have ever appeared on together.

Bastard Noise / Government Alpha - "Interstellar Perceptions" Longsleeve T-Shirt
Four-sided (front, back, both sleeves) t-shirt printed by Company Ink (Richmond, VA) celebrating this collaboration between Bastard Noise and Government Alpha.

Gildan brand shirts, black ink.

These shirts are a limited-time run that will exist to correspond with the initial release of this LP ***ONLY***. As such, they are being printed "as ordered" - which should mean a turnaround of about two weeks. We appreciate your understanding!

Jenzeits / Altered Form - The Cosmic Hypnosis E.P. (UNDESIRABLE-019)
The COSMIC HYPNOSIS E.P. is a corporeal demonstration of two acts influenced by the Berlin School of electronics, but who manifest in different manners.

JENZEITS (Chad Davis, of Romannis Motte, Hour of 13, PMK, Subklinik, etc.) offers an extended excerpt of a new track featuring the rhythmic, abstract meditations the act is quickly becoming known for.

ALTERED FORM offers three tracks of science fiction and horror inspired scoring that set tones of both dread and wonder. - Anthems of The Undesirable

250 copies on die-cut, DJ-styled 45 sleeves with foldover obi-strips, with download code. All copies on Psychedelic Blue vinyl. Mastered by Andrew Horton (Young Hierophant).

Stay cosmic.
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