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PA Anniv. Batch (Burning Pyre, Appropriate Savagery, Alethe)

Noise, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, Noisecore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Drone, Hardcore, etc.

PA Anniv. Batch (Burning Pyre, Appropriate Savagery, Alethe)

Postby prfctaesthtcs » Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:21 am

4 new releases to commemorate 3 years of activity available now!


AEST-030: Burning Pyre “The Look Of Love” CS

The look of love lasts forever,
In your heart and in your head

“The Look Of Love” is the product of dedication and tumultuous ambitions. The second album from BP, this work builds on the minimalist compositions heard on debut “Insipid Dalliance”, expanding the scope of the artist's core aims. Focussing on melody and abstraction, this album builds a network of core ideals that ultimately form a manifestation of electronic pop music.

Music for the heartfelt, for the sincere,
for the lovers and those who have loved and lost.

listen / buy cassette: ... ok-of-love


AEST-029: Appropriate Savagery “Despite The Splendor Of Your Ideal” CS

French musician David Lacroix presents the fifth in two years album. Melodic light harsh noise with harbouring hypnotic industrial rhythms and majestic slabs of synthesizers.

listen / buy cassette: ... your-ideal


AEST-028: Alethe “Humble Beginnings” CS

Dedicated to A.

Viktor Zhigulskiy finally makes his solo debut on Perfect Aesthetics (after beautiful tapes on Strange Rules and Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere) following his appearance on The Glamour Of Strangeness compilation last year with its one of the first recordings as Alethe. Heavily ornamented, synth based ambient with fascinating and mysterious field recordings and tape loops.

listen / buy cassette: ... beginnings


AEST-027: Пожар “Первая жизнь” CS

Не забудь жить вечно

After a huge series of EP's, Pozhar finally makes his solo debut on Perfect Aesthetics and presents his first full-length album. Seven pop-oriented, cold and melancholic post-punk songs.

listen / buy cassette:

Perfect Aesthetics 2018
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