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Rêve Humide "Shine" CS / Perfect Aesthetics

Noise, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, Noisecore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Drone, Hardcore, etc.

Rêve Humide "Shine" CS / Perfect Aesthetics

Postby prfctaesthtcs » Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:26 pm


AEST-024: Rêve Humide “Shine” CS

"Don't speak, forget all words, feel it coming"

Rêve Humide debuts for Perfect Aesthetics with a full length of their new erotic wave music. Melodic electronica with everything wrapped in a thin gauze of white noise — PA 2018

Petersburgers from Rêve Humide play soft noise/ambient filled with a great amount of sensuality and secret fantasies that their sound take you instantly to the territory of frank erotica.
Up to this day, RH released an album and two tracks on compilations of Perfect Aesthetics, play on two showcases of PA and perform with the Swiss of Veil of Light.

listen / buy cassette:

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