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NO YEARNING - Brazilian label

Noise, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, Noisecore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Drone, Hardcore, etc.

NO YEARNING - Brazilian label

Postby noyearning » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:42 pm

We're a new label, from Brazil, focusing on Industrial/Electronic/Experimental releases. We ship worldwide. Even though it's pretty expensive, let's talk, we can come up with a nice deal for everyone. But we're also looking for labels to distribute.

All titles available:

NY01: Mankeulv - "There broke forth a wailing"
[Repetitive, ritualistic, and rudimentary PE. Dungeon noise]
NY02: Honni - "Angel Lust" single sided
[Minimalist Industrial/Noise. Tense atmosphere]
NY03: Exu - "Finis hominis"
[Complex and frightening Death Industrial. Misanthropy soundtrack]
NY04: View From The Top - "Self Lust"
[Apartment boys electronics. Narcissist Minimal/Synth Pop]
NY05: Various Artists - "Crossing Borders"
[First No Yearning "various artists" compilation, showcasing what's happening right now in the Brazilian Industrial/Experimental scene. Featuring label residents and acquaintances acts, from the Southeast and South regions of Brazil. A document about travelling through man-marked borders, both on land and on music]
NY06: Helivr & Mankeulv
[Transatlantic electronics. Split/Collaboration between Mankeulv and russian artist Helivr. A single track from each one on side A. Monolithic, slow-building, rotten sounding Noise. On side B they both come togheter for an 18 minutes Noise/Techno tour de force.]
NY07: Paragon Belial - "Unholy Resonance"
[Decaying Ambient, slow moving Drone. Blasphemous stillness.]

A short mix with a little taste from the first releases coming in 2017:
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Re: NO YEARNING - Brazilian label

Postby noyearning » Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:05 pm

New releases available

NY08: God Pussy - "Negerplastik"
[Active since 2008, Jhones Silva has built a solid reputation. With dozens of albums, splits and collaborations with noisecore bands and experimental artists. From local projects to veterans, like Richard Ramirez, for example. Himself carrying a veteran aura, always coming up when the subject is Brazilian noise. And noise is what was molded here. Not too far away from early 90's Merzbow, before his infamous harsh records. Dynamic and completely free noise, as exciting and cathartic as free jazz. By the way, the reference here is apt, as the title and cover arts evidence. Strictly limited to 15 hand-numbered copies, each with its unique cover art]

NY09: Honni - "Homo Ex Machina"
[With the second release, Honni, co-founder of No Yearning, shows a great artistic evolution. With the same modus operandi (raw and agressive synths, loops, and field recordings) but far from the debut minimalist approach. Here the tracks are more ambitious, with more layers and variations. Borrowing as much from Genocide Organ's heavy atmosphere and utilitarian construction, as from mid 80's Merzbow's concrete experimentation, Honni showcases an anti-capitalist manifesto, exploring the effects the workers, and humanity, suffers, through some Noise/Industrial that's hard to ignore]

NY10: Mankeulv - "The Lunar Lodge"
[Taking where their contribution on the Crossing Borders compilation left off, Mankeulv presents the culmination of the concept. To present a ritualistic trance state, with great sex magick influence. Tape loops, acoustic precussion loops, and feedback loop. Action, repetition, ecstasy]
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Re: NO YEARNING - Brazilian label

Postby noyearning » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:13 pm

Latest releases

NY11: D.O.M. - "Drugs Or Madness"
[A true underground warrior, with an extensive back catalog, dozens of albums and splits, sharing much of his presence with the noisecore scene, and having an obstinate anticapitalist attitude. Taking in consideration the circle it belongs, the anti-musical ideology, and the non precense between the more traditional experimental circuits, one would imagine a simplistic Noise without much pretensions, but listening to it is possible to note a refined compositional approach. Sure, the noise walls are there, but they share space with sober moments and sound collages (He even samples the classic SPK). Moments that remind as much as the Scandinavian crude tape compositions as the Japanese Noise, this release is a statement that shouldn't be ignored, and shows the many forms that (anti)music can take]

NY12: Brísingamen - "Artefacts"
[Outsider Techno. On their debut, Brísingamen tries to delineate a relation between past and present. Eight artefacts that indicate a coexistence between Techno and Industrial, braided by some Ambient with orquestral pretensions. Vintage sounds intertwine with distorted drones. The familiar 4/4 gets lost in a thick haze of dust. The missing link between the dance floor and home listening, recreated in the computer]
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