Oxen June 2018 | Being, Circuit Wound and Mason

Noise, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, Noisecore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Drone, Hardcore, etc.
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Oxen June 2018 | Being, Circuit Wound and Mason

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Circuit Wound Symbiotic Cannibalism
Southern California harsh noise colossus, Circuit Wound brings mosaics of bleak fragments, shaping a ruinous landscape of thick and drifting blast clusters on Symbiotic Cannibalism. Jay Howard has been providing fundamental noise disruption since 1999 and with this release brings a much needed scalp piercing onslaught into the wild terrain.
https://oxenrecords.bigcartel.com/produ ... annibalism

Mason Concrete Mirror
North Carolina Harsh noise artist/enthusiast who has previously released under the moniker Thirteen Fingers (Self Abuse 2016, Phage Tapes 2013), now performing and recording under the current alias of Mason he delivers Concrete Mirror. Thick and driving cryptic death scrapings, burly skull flooding frequencies of jutting dissonant slicing tear away into waves of cathedral levels of harsh noise distinction tempered on side B with simmering pandemonium, searing excesses of narrative noise impenetrability.
https://oxenrecords.bigcartel.com/produ ... ete-mirror

Being Hydrocracker
Dayton, Ohio’s Skeleton Dust Owner & Operator Luke Tandy brings the magnificent Hydrocracker. Throwing down this gauntlet with sublime, omnisource, feedback-laden frequencies giving over to a narrative density, simmering with foreboding textures. Compositions warning of chaos, clipped and airless, churning away a parade of clanging harsh patterns embedded with menacing dissonance. Tracks drifting into thickets of Being’s particular brand of thunderous, unsettling pleasures.

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