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Malfet - The Snaking Path CS

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Malfet - The Snaking Path CS

Postby pacificthrenodies » Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:49 am

PT-07 Malfet - The Snaking Path
The project title “Malfet” refers to a nickname taken by the fabled Sir Launcelot, the “Ill-Made Knight” - a description of both the aesthetically unappealing physical characteristics of the knight as well as his inner moral struggles. “The Snaking Path” does not emanate ugliness, but describes the long, lonely, and often treacherous journey from inner turmoil to peace and fulfillment.
This is a rhythmic dungeon synth album that, like many of its predecessors, carries with it a sense of progression and narrative thrust: from darkness into light. Subdued mellotron, harps, flutes, and organ synthesis meet manipulated field recordings and percussion to summon a decidedly high medieval pastoral atmosphere that is both pensive and driving.
The “Chevalier Mal Fet” of Arthurian legend meets a tragic end - the fantasy of The Snaking Path is far more optimistic; as we traverse the dark dreams of the first side of the tape, we know there is a light at the other end of this tunnel. From ruminations to jubilance, from solemnity to merriment - this is The Snaking Path.
Recommended for listeners of Nest, Mortiis, Jeremy Soule, Old Tower, Urghun, Forndom, etc.
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