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Spirals - "Spirals" CS [Krautrock/Darkwave][Release 2-28-18]

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Spirals - "Spirals" CS [Krautrock/Darkwave][Release 2-28-18]

Postby pacificthrenodies » Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:48 am

PT-06 Spirals - Spirals CS


Spirals is an entheogenic rhythmic deep-drone effusion in 4 movements,
each running for 10 minutes.

Cold and distant drum loops accompany varying layers of mesmeric vocal
textures and driving, palpitating basslines punctuated by whispered
incantations. Spirals hover in a liminal space, simultaneously
suspended in dreamy stasis and cyclical, samsaric propulsion.

Someone once described Spirals as “Alien Sex Music;” some kind of
spiritual sacrament to a vast, unknowable other that doesn’t forgo the
carnality of such things. We’re inclined to agree.

Pacific Threnodies is offering an extremely limited edition of 50
silver-on-black pro-tapes in 4”x4” black cases individually
hand-burned with the symbol of the spiral. Due to the nature of this
etching process, your copy may differ wildly from the one pictured.

An undisclosed number of preorders will also include the original
Spirals 3” CD in hand-stitched paper sleeve - “as supplies last.”

Recommended for listeners of Lycia, Der Blutharsch and the Infinite
Church of the Leading Hand, Circle, Lichens, Om, etc.

Listen and preorder at:
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