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PERSONA Inaugural 2017 releases : lace & Personnage 77

Noise, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, Noisecore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Drone, Hardcore, etc.

PERSONA Inaugural 2017 releases : lace & Personnage 77

Postby persona » Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:32 pm

lace “Reclamation”

“Let’s Start a War” a call to arms in these modern times, a joke on the inside, everything these days is a gas.

The industrial duo, the one and only, lace returns with the first installment of new material since their 2015 release “Façade” to lay reclamation and champion the return of their namesake: to lace and no one else “We are the truth”. Volatile, maniacal, and unhinged even, these provocateurs reel in anthemic self satisfying slogans any former listener has been prone to notice. Alongside sound sources which in their words are: the rivals demo tape laughably shredded and chewed out by electronics and tape decks, in the end to be entirely unrecognizable as the former’s songs at all, once again absorbed into the body of work that is all their own.

“Let’s start a war, for a laugh.” In return the mask is forcibly put back on.

PERSONA 01 - 60 copies - $6.00 US
Sample : ... ugh-sample

Personnage 77 "Camouflage Tactics"

Into the void of conscience and morality. Thrown by “tactics” that offer nothing, an ambiguous nothing, a nothing that is pleased by the unvarnished, a nothing that is self proclaimed as the reviled answer. To continue the blockade, to return to the beginning, to say: that all that exists, deserves to “playfully” burn up on the slab. Sounds for no one listening, in the style of the early Japanese innovators by way of the mentalities of The New Blockaders. Personnage 77 with no further adieu: Action.

“Personnage is someone you know.”

PERSONA 02 - 40 copies - $6.00 US
Sample : ... 7-untitled


Each cassette is $6.00 US
US Shipping for one tape is $3.00, for both $4.00
World Shipping for one tape or both is $13.00

Paypal total with order & mailing address to
Items ship promptly.
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Re: PERSONA Inaugural 2017 releases : lace & Personnage 77

Postby persona » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:39 am

all orders have shipped as of 1-29-18.
both tapes still currently available.
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