Oxen new releases | K2, Kazehito Seki and Unexamine

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Oxen new releases | K2, Kazehito Seki and Unexamine

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Kazehito Seki ‘Self Toxication 2.2.0/2.3.0’ casette

Tokyo based but likely seen in other parts of the world as he’s extensively travelling/performing, Kazehito Seki is, to the best of my knowledge not yet documented with many releases. His live performances center on mouth/vocal + contact mics in a confrontational torturous, feedback-laden compositions carving ambitious sonic explorations of noise suffering, trapping the listener in discomforting, grinding passages. Side A features the aptly named ‘Driven Hard’ which is a live document of his 2017 End Tymes performance with Side B track culled from a live 2017 performance from Tokyo’s 20000v venue. For fans of Dave Phillips, Crank Sturgeon and Hanatarash. Artwork by Breathing Problem.

K2 ‘Rainy Tritium 1’ CD

New work from a master of long form composition excellence, K2’s Rainy Tritium 1, a soundtrack for bleak collapse, broken boundaries of torturous blasts yielding fluttering, caustic textures and exploring an atmosphere of sonic varieties for which K2 is been mining lately. If you’ve seen any of his ambitious Dommune broadcasts from Japan then you’ll likely be familiar with the valedictory density of K2’s aggressively satisfying noise oblivion and if you haven’t, then this full length (60+ minute) 3 track CD 1. Pollution with Huge Lies, 2. MOX, 3. Unpeaceful Song For Rainy Tritium will be most necessary listening. Artwork by Breathing Problem

Unexamine Deserts Dog Our Heels cassette

Unexamine’s 2010 Deserts Dog Our Heels gets an expanded reworking with new material from Danny Costa and Charlie Mumma on this release. Harsh noise brinkmanship is the hallmark of this collaboration’s particular approach to recorded material and if you missed out on the first offering of DDOH on Antropofago Ateo, this is that release remixed, extended and includes new elements plus one completely new track of overwhelmingly violent harsh noise. Artwork by KDM


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