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Torn Light update - tapes from MBD, Basuco, Ploughshare

Noise, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, Noisecore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Drone, Hardcore, etc.

Torn Light update - tapes from MBD, Basuco, Ploughshare

Postby torn_light » Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:52 am

MBD "Damages" C20 & Basuco/Ploughshare "Feed" cassette available now from Torn Light.
Oscillated power electronics attack through the filter of MBD. Total strength through absolution.
Professional real time chrome duplicated tapes.
Edition of 100 copies. 50 available for mail order from Torn Light.

Listen here:
Order here:
3 live recordings of midwest junk noise. Basuco (Nate Powell & Alex York) with a live set from The Rakes End (RIP) with one track, and Ploughshare (new solo effort of Nate Powell) with two live tracks, both from shows at Torn Light Records.
Real time chrome tape duplicated.
Only 6 available for mailorder.

Listen here:
Order here:
Distro items added to the webstore:

Sunken Cheek "Phosphenes & Dissonacne" CS & 4x zine Boxset
Ama Divers "Shadow Seeking Sun" LP No Rent
Brett Naucke "Operator Voices" CS No Rent
Bucket of Piss "s/t" CS No Rent
Peter Vincent and A.F. Jones "Magnifico" CS No Rent
Knurl "The Closed Interval" CS No Rent
Empty "The Last Breath Of My Mortal Despair" LP
Negativa "02" LP Frigidus Ignus
Nadiwrath "Circle Of Pest" LP Drakkar
Mutiilation "Remains of Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul" LP Drakkar
Mutiilation "Black Millenium" LP Drakkar
Hakuja "Legacy" LP Apparitia Records
Sad "Utter Nihil Worship" LP Drakkar
Sex Jesus "Dream What Dreams We Can Afford" 12" Breathing Problem Productions
Mental Abortion / Reeking Cross - split 7"
Blackwatch "Blackwatch" LP Breathing Problem Productions
Striations "To Know Mercy" 2LP Breathing Problem Productions
Upcoming releases:
Ledge Walker CS.

Listen Here:
Nick Keeling & Kelly Moon CS.

Listen Here:
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