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DEATH DEDICATION "Mitigate/Encapsulate" C20 (NCNH06)

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DEATH DEDICATION "Mitigate/Encapsulate" C20 (NCNH06)

Postby nocoast_nohope » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:58 am

NOW AVAILABLE: Death Dedication "Mitigate/Encapsulate" C20 NCNH06. Regular and Special Edition.

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"Death Dedication (Aaron Aspinwall) puts forth two tracks of mind numbing Midwest harsh noise. After a slew of self released material, tapes from Starved Relations & Fuck Mary Kill, and many collaborations with Apostate/Ian Block, NCNH is now proud to release 20 minutes of pure unfiltered harsh from this recent and profuse upstart of debilitating noise aggression.

Huge swells of highly volatile feedback collide with disgusting americanoise crunch. Passages of isolating rumble show no signs of lessening any severity, until a shift in sonic texture completely enfolds the listener in another piece of perfectly crafted destruction. This is what lies on the other side of the door, this is the dedicated agony within the debris, this is the plight of every broken piece."

Stream tracks here: ... ncapsulate

Standard Edition of 45 and Special Edition of 25 featuring oversized VHS case and additional art, 11x17 foldout poster, and two exclusive 1 inch buttons available here:
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