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Unseen Force Summer 2017

Noise, Power Electronics, Synth-Pop, Noisecore, Industrial, Post-Punk, Drone, Hardcore, etc.

Unseen Force Summer 2017

Postby unseen_force » Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:24 am

After much delay, Unseen Force is proud to unveil a unified statement on North American Heavy Electronics featuring heavy hitters from the East, West & No Coast regions.

now available_

FORCE_LX V/A “Combined Operations” CS, Booklet & Poster
A collective statement on North American Heavy Electronics featuring Eastern Grain, Gnawed, Lace, Purity Of Essence, Secular Identity, Streiber & Striations.

FORCE_LIX Cost “Luminol” CS
Fucked & filthy harsh noise from a cornerstone of the PNW scene; "Luminol" features the first solo recordings from COST, project of Daniel Jose Costa. Know for his work as half of Unexamine, Rohit & frequent collaborations with Legless, Kakerlak & Purity of Essence among others, D.C. provides two quick blasts of expertly crafted Harsh Noise. Heavily textured, violent blasts of sound with a heavy focus on materials and composition steer clear of the usual trappings while remaining firmly in the gutter. Degenerate bliss with blade in hand.

FORCE_LVIII Unexamine & Mass Marriage CS
A double dose of caustic industrial musik & harsh noise from two of the West Coasts heaviest. First, Vancovers's Mass Marriage offers up "Dip In Pool"; Swirling analogue rhythms remain fixed & brooding, accented by distant electronic abuse threatening to dissolve. M. Paget's prose remains In command & at the for front, touching on old school industrial, spoken word & power electronics, avoiding nostalgia while keeping the spirit intact & looking to the future; a rarity in a sea of GO carbon copies. On "Umbilical / Better Friends", Unexamine wastes no time digging into an all out assault of pure Harsh Noise. Thick, rotted out slabs of sound smash against one another, crumbling forward, occasionally yielding to the violence underneath. regressive, primitive noise.

FORCE_LVII Plagues “Death Is Salvation” CS
Originally released in a criminally low edition of 25 on WATERPOWER, Unseen Force is proud make available Plagues singular full length "Death Is Salvation". 40 minutes of negative, violent power electronics & harsh noise; an absolute staple in the growing canon of NO COAST noise. Essential.

FORCE_LIV Full Metal Confused CS
Full Metal Confused is Flysch x COST

FORCE_XXXV Godcage “Morphine Angel” CS Memorial Edt.
Godcage was the solo project of Western Massachusetts musician Stephen Page 1994 - 2016. All proceeds from this releases will be donated to Recovery Project on behalf of his family. Rest in Power Stevie.

pictures & samples available at
streaming & digital download_
inquiries & wholesale distribute_
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Re: Unseen Force Summer 2017

Postby unseen_force » Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:29 am


And for residents in the Pacific Northwest, we will be hosting a going away show for Gordon Ashworth next month featuring The Body, Primordial Wound, Redneck & Cost. all new titles will available at the the show as well.

event info:
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Re: Unseen Force Summer 2017

Postby unseen_force » Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:21 pm

Thanks to everyone who placed orders for the most recent batch, all packages not containing the “Combined Operations” compilation have been shipped out & the remaining orders will be going out in the next week or two. Distribution is still being sorted out but releases will be available at the following shops in the coming month_

.madriguera [Puerto Rico]
NEdS [Japan]
Scream & Writhe [Canada]
Terror Nocturno [Brazil]

Feeding Tube [Northampton, MA]
Found Remains [New York]
Green Noise [Portland, OR]
Little Ax Records [Portland, OR]
Musique Plastique [Portland, OR]
Skeleton Dust [Dayton, OH]
Thousands Of Dead Gods [New York]
Torn Light [Bellevue, KY]
Vacation Vinyl [Los Angeles, CA]
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