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FOUND REMAINS - Distro Update (July 2017)

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FOUND REMAINS - Distro Update (July 2017)

Postby Found Remains » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:31 pm


For the first time, several Death in June albums have been officially released on cassette by Steelkraft Manufactory.
The following titles are available from Found Remains:

Rose Clouds Of Holocaust
But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?
Thè Wäll Öf Säcrificè
Brown Book
The Wörld Thät Sümmer

The latest batch of tapes from Blodad Tand
Tourist Gaze's Normal 4xCS
Bobek's Noon Universe 2xCS
Good Friend's Egypt CS

Pleasure Island's September Identity LP
"In September Identity, both the intensely personal and overtly political ends of power electronics meet and mutate. Pleasure Island journeys through the haze of specific events in science, politics and culture. These tracks loom over us like a web of images colliding with deafening industrial drones and crackling vocals. For those dedicated to all that true industrial and noise is capable of. When we look back on our lives we see ourselves carried by the nostalgic fog of lost youth and unknowable history"



New releases from iDeal Recordings forthcoming.

New releases from Total Black on the horizon...


CSs ship at a flat rate of $3.50 via USPS
LPs ship at a flat rate of $5 via USPS
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